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My TPM Plushies

My Hangman Plushies
Venusaur Plushie
Charmander Plushie
Charmeleon Plushie
Metapod Plushie
Butterfree Plushie
Pidgey Plushie
Rattata Plushie
Ekans Plushie
Ninetales Plushie
Igglybuff Plushie
Jigglypuff Plushie
Crobat Plushie
Vileplume Plushie
Bellossom Plushie with alternating pink and purple petals (start on bottom with pink first)
Meowth Plushie
Persian Plushie X2
Growlithe Plushie X2
Arcanine Plushie
Machoke Plushie
Victreebel Plushie
Golem Plushie
Shellder Plushie
Krabby Plushie
Rhyhorn Plushie
Kingdra Plushie
Seaking Plushie
Elekid Plushie
Electabuzz Plushie
Eevee Plushie (Given to me from Discothéque)
Vaporeon Plushie X2
Jolteon Plushie
Flareon Plushie
Mewtwo Plushie
Espeon Plushie
Umbreon Plushie
Ledian Plushie (Given to me from Discothéque)
Quagsire Plushie
Pineco Plushie (Given to me from Discothéque)
Magcargo Plushie
Houndoom Plushie
Mudkip Plushie
Seedot Plushie
Nuzleaf Plushie
Shroomish Plushie
Breloom Plushie
Skitty Plushie
Delcatty Plushie
Aggron Plushie
Illumise Plushie
Wailmer Plushie
Torkoal Plushie
Spinda Plushie
Cacnea Plushie
Cacturne Plushie
Swablu Plushie
Lileep Plushie
Armaldo Plushie
Castform Plushie
Kecleon Plushie
Chimecho Plushie
Absol Plushie
Spheal Plushie
Huntail Plushie
Regice Plushie

My Expedia Plushies
Silver-Blue-one-of-a-kind Vaporeon Plushie
Whismur plushie

My Charmander Central Plushies
Independence Pikachu Plushie [LP]
Kovu Plushie (Umbreon with a scar down the right side of his face) [SEP]
Jay Plushie [HP]
Ranec Plushie (White Umbreon with black rings) [SEP]
Student Abra [LP]
Jasmine Plushie (Winged Dratini Plushie)[SEP]
Expedia Celebration Plushie [LP]

My Riddle Figurines

Thanks to Gabi for the abra and natu images

Charmander Central Plushie Abbreviations and Meanings