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Murfreesboro Rental Homes

Are you coming to Murfreesboro to enroll at MTSU? Are you planning to rent a house or apartment?

DON'T...until you have read this page!

As of June, 2015, I have sold all of my own rental homes. However, I continue to assist people with finding homes in Murfreesboro and middle Tennessee. If you are an incoming student at MTSU or just moving to Murfreesboro, consider buying instead of renting. Now is a great time to buy in Murfreesboro!

Did you know that, if you are a single person making as high as $36,550 a year...or a family of two making $41, can get a $10,000 interest-free grant from the City of Murfreesboro to use toward a down payment and closing costs? This money never has to be paid back until you move on to another home.

Consider the two scenarios:

Paul moves Murfreesboro to attend graduate school. He and a friend of his find a two bedroom apartment for $800 a month and share the rent. At the end of two years, after having finished graduate school, Paul will have spent almost $10,000 for rent.

At the same time, Christina moves to Murfreesboro, also to attend graduate school. She finds a two bedroom townhouse for sale priced at $100,000. She uses the $10,000 grant from the City of Murfreesboro's Affordable Housing Assistance Program for her down payment. Her mortgage payment, including taxes and insurance, is $600 per month. She rents the second bedroom to her friend for $400 per month, leaving $200 of the mortgage for her to cover. Two years later, after having finished graduate school, Christina owns a home with equity. She now has the option of selling her home or keeping it.

(The above figures are based on a hypothetical scenario. For specific information about interest rates and payments, consult a mortgage professional.)

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