Music – Steve Davis

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Stereo LSP-4423

Steve Davis

Side 1

1. Destination Altitude (4:07)
Bentley Smith, guitar; Steve Davis, organ and vocal

2. Poor Child of the Street (6:50)
George Clinton, piano and back vocal; Steve Davis, organ, chimes and lead vocal

3. Space (4:05)
Bentley Smith, lead guitar; George Clinton, organ; William Harper, sax; Steve Davis, vocal, guitar and vibes

4. Please Come Back Home (3:19)
George Clinton, piano; Steve Davis, lead vocal and guitar; Bentley Smith, vocal and guitar

5. On a Sad Day (2:03)
Steve Davis, guitar and vocal; George Clinton, intro on harpsichord;
Harvey Thompson, flute; Wayne Hill, trumpet

Side 2

6. It's All Because She's Gone (8:25)
Jim Hurt, vocal and bass; Wayne Butler, alto sax solo
Part II–Bentley Smith, guitar; Steve Davis, organ; horn riff via William Harper

7. My Life Could Be Better Without You (4:03)
Steve Davis, guitar and lead vocal; Bentley Smith, guitar and vocal;
Jim Hurt, vocal; George Clinton, vocal

8. Lalune blanche (5:30)
Steve Davis, organ and vocal; George Clinton, vibes; William Harper, tenor sax
(Special thanks to "Emily" for the French lesson)

Public performance clearance–BMI
All compositions by Steve Davis

Additional Personnel:
Karl Himmel, drums and percussion/Wayne Hill, trumpet and flugelhorn
Norm Ray, baritone sax and flute/Bill Pippin, trumpet and flugelhorn
Dick Miller, trumpet and flugelhorn

Produced by Stephen Allen Davis, Gerald Bentley Smith and Danny Davis
Album Concept: Bentley Smith/Album Cover Concept: Stephen A. Davis
Album Design and Artwork: Wiley Eugene "Coyote" Sizemore
Dedicated to all the pals and Spaughty-Sortar.

Recorded in RCA's "Nashville Sound" Stiudio, Nashville, Tennessee
Recording Engineer: Al Pachucki/Assisted by: Roy Shockley

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© 1970, RCA Records, New York, N.Y. • Printed in U.S.A.

LP Duration: (38:27)

Bonus Tracks:

The Lemonade Charade

9. San Bernadino /
10. Hideaway of your Love (Bell 1015 '68)
11. Yellow Brick Road /
12. Heat Wave (Epic 10216 '67)