APR 1, 2005

From: Copasgt@aol.com
Date: Fri, Apr 1, 2005, 11:17am (EDT-1)
To: rsteviemoore.com@wtv-zone.com
Subject: madison memories-m.copas

doochins [art supplies]....the new carwash across from dewey armours barber shop....the amqui train depot[i have photos of it with shots of the man working inside];the fallout shelters for sale at the corner of neelys bend and gallatin road.....the colonial drive-in.....colonel sanders opening....climbing the tower contraption beside the railroad tracks somewhere between madison square and o.h.blvd....the student smoking area at the back corner of mhs....nat winston blowing a hole in wall of his bedroom with a cannon.....loosing the lbs of change in your pockets riding THE BULLET in front of stratton on hillbilly day....playing music with the Alleycats and jimmy church booking our gigs.....e.o.jenkins the man of science jumping up on his desk flat-footed.....the cherry-bomb going off in the restroom across from art class while ennis steele was inside combing his hair....the drag races behind madison square.....the amazing stunts of charlie barnette....don and oliver pass with their home-made ufo's....and music in the morning,music in the evening,music at supper-time,everybody was playing music and playing it all the time.....m.copas

From: Copasgt@aol.com Date: Fri, Apr 1, 2005, 8:09pm

hey steve,i think i know you well enough to call you R,but i'll call you steve.well steve,someone told me they saw something on the web about me seeing d.mangrum getting hit by a car[i was traumatized by that for some time],anyway,by design/accident i found madison memories and your web site.what started as a stroll turned into a camping trip,and man was it fun,thank youuuuuuu!!! this morning i tossed in a few memories myself,especially madison's nuclular holocost paranoia,when the shelter salesmen tried to convince our parents there was nowhere safe but in a shelter. we children knew better though,we knew that all you had to do was pull down the shades and get under the desk,it had to be true because the teacher said so,so that made us a much harder sell..........i just came in from a day of carving,dealing with tourist and bratty kids,listening to comments like,"do you sell this stuff,who buys it",i say yep,people,and go back puffing my cuban cigar. don't get me wrong,i love my work,but i miss the creative edge of isolation from time to time.....anyway,we're here for the duration so let's make the best of it,write me back,enlighten me with tales of the north,is it true that over a million people live up there,gee,how does the mailman remember their names,are vegetables free in the garden state..........i'm off to dinner,but i will return,let me hear from you now ,tonight,let's get this bozo back on the bus.....your comrad in art..mike opus[thats your tag ya know,seems like its a song in the cobwebbed archive]