Class of '72 - 2002 Reunion

1st row (L to R): Jean Andrews, Virginia Carmack, Erica Rintz, Sandra McDonald, Marsha Read, Florance Grisham, Wendy Turner, Jan Scoggins, Sherry Knight, Cathy Chambers

2nd row: Alecia Mitchell, Angela Carver, Becky Agee

3rd row: Diane Sircy, Ricky Watkins, Dixie Burnette, Dodie Jones, Mike Leaver, Janet Schutt, Doug McMahon, Ronnie Keith, Doug Mabry, Jan Cole, Bonnie Patton

4th row: Linda Fogarty, Connie Dutton (center of picture)

5th row: Phillip Slate, Billy Duke, Debbie Sircy, Karen Anderson, Tony Janco, Jeff Sowell, Danny Baron, Pinnie Kay Spears, Donnie Martin, Terry Nolan, Terry Anglin

back row: Diane Davenport, Shawna Pettus, Phyllis Zimmerlee, Sherry Camp, Phil Ryan, Roland Powers, David Andrews, Gary Jones, Louis Deep, Joe Wooten, Stan Lillie.

Above photo strip (from top):
1st pic-diane sircy, phillip slate, louis deep
2nd-terry anglin, doug mcmahon-award for most changed
3rd-terry, stan lillie-award for traveling farthest to attend (from DC)
4th-terry, roland powers-award for most unusual profession (ob, gyn)
5th-david andrews and terry anglin-class vp and pres
6th-dixie burnette, billy duke-award for being married the longest (to the same person, 30 years)
7th-terry, louis deep-award for having most kids(? 5)
8th-terry, connie dutton-award for never getting married (she was embarrassed)
9th-terry, virginia carmack-award for (which terry had made up on the spot) for the most body art, she had 3 tattooes, we took her word for it
10th-david, terry, cathy chambers-award for most recent newlywed (1 month)
11th-grads-danny baron, pinnie kay spears, dodie jones, tony janco
12th-grads angela carver, mike leaver, donnie martin, joe wooten
13th-grads terry nolan, jan cole, sherry knight, becky agee, debbie sircy, diane sircy
14th-grads marsha read, stan lillie, betty cathey, sandra mcdonald, roland powers, jeff sowell
15th-phillip slate & diane doing a little texas two step
bottom-grads mike white, sherry camp, phylis zimmerlee

Thanks to Doug McMahon