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Coco's Fundraiser Lunch!

The menue is:

1 choice from each catagory:

A) Gyro or Falafal (Ala carte= $3)

B) Pita (for sandwitch) or yellow rice (Ala carte= $1)

C) Tabuli or Greek salad (Ala carte= $1)

C) Lemonaid or Tea (Ala carte= $1)

Condiments will include: Tziki, lettuce, tomatoe, onion. (Extra or Ala carte= $1)

Additional Items at extra cost will be Gourmet Olives, Baklava, Thai Tea, Slushies/ snow cones (in the works). (Ala carte= $1 to $2)

Cost will be $5 per adult, children will be charged according to what they ask for. (if want whole plate, it will be same as Adult) (see individual pricing)