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Kelly's Blog
Tuesday, 13 December 2005
Information and More
Mood:  on fire
Tuesday is here and I still have lots to do. Goblets finally came and they are beautiful!I thought that I would post the itinerary and directions for those who might need them. Have a great Week! I will.

Church at Chattanooga First Seventh-day Adventist Church – 11am - We probably won't go but you can if you want.
Lunch – On Your Own
Rehearsal Dinner at Collegedale Academy – 4:30 pm -Out of Town Guests Welcome
Rehearsal at Chattanooga First SDA – 7 pm
Wedding Party Only
Set-Up at Chattanooga First SDA – 8:30 pm
Wedding at Chattanooga First Church – 1 pm


Chattanooga First SDA Church – From I-75 take Exit 5 to Shallowford Road. Head East toward Hamilton Place Mall. Turn Left (North) on Gunbarrel Road. The Church is about a mile (maybe a little more) on the Right. It is cream and white, it can’t be missed.

Carol and Jim Barker’s House – From I-75 take Exit 11 toward Ooltewah. Follow Lee Highway to the East. Go through town (about 2 miles) and turn right on Edgemon Road. Follow Edgemon around (bear to the left at the split) to Tallant Road. Turn Left (East) on Tallant. After less than a mile (0.7 miles) 5774 Tallant Road is on the Right. Follow the gravel Driveway to the Back. When you reach the blue house, you have arrived.

Lauree and Tom Fogg’s House – From I-75 take Exit 7A towards Summit/Collegedale. Merge onto Old Lee Highway (TN-317). At about 3 miles bear to the right at the gas station to stay on Apison Pike. Follow through Four-Corners (there is an Eckerd Drugs and a Bank) and on into Collegedale. At the four-way stop turn left and cross the Railroad tracks. Follow Apison Pike (Towards the right/east) less than 2 miles and Turn Left on Silver Lane. The Foggs are the second from the end on the Left.

See ya'll at the wedding sunday

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 12:50 PM EST
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Thursday, 8 December 2005
Thursday and a week to go
Now Playing: All My Children....
Getting close to the 1 week mark. Today I moved my purses, shoes, clothes, and hope chest stuff into Scott's appartment. It is starting to feel more real everyday. I'm only a little scared, mostly because I have to live with a boy. I am glad to see though that I will improve his quality of living. :)

My mom has moved past the tulle craziness that she was in last week and seems to be settling into the idea that this is coming up next weekend. It is odd though to think that I won't be seeing her everyday. And that I will be the lady of the house.

Off to study French so that i can pass the class and actually graduate next semester. Have a godo day. See you at the wedding, unless you are wedding party then see you Saturday at 4:30 for rehearsal dinner.

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 1:36 PM EST
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Monday, 5 December 2005
Less than TWO weeks
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Monday Evening
I've gotten lots done today, despite school work and tests. I have organized the boxes to go to the church and everything is ready, minus the window treatment bows and the arrangements for the pews. The pew decorations will be fresh so that will wait. I still need to gather mistletoe, but that will be fresh too. Otherwise, everything is ready to go. My slip from Aunt Ina still isn't here and the scarf and Scott's birthday present are not here either. I am busy preparing the book for my wedding Coordinator. I love this wedding stuff. When will I ever again get to organize this much? I got the picture printed for the foyer. I also took pictures to give to whoever sets up the different tables so that they look how I want them to.

This weekend was my lingerie shower. I have posted new pictures. Watch out a few are pretty scandalous. :) Check out the AMAZING cake my mom made. It is so great that my mom is cool enough to enjoy things like lingerie parties. Next weekend is the Bridal/House shower and I looking forward to that as well. I will post pictures as soon as I have them. This weekend the girls at JJill gave me wedding presents. Who knew you could get so excited over a canister set and spatula? It is great.

I am beyond excited and I am enjoying every minute of this. I am glad that I have time to enjoy it; I was afraid i would be too busy with exams to enjoy wedding stuff, but exams are spaced out well and French (which is my worst exam) is Friday at 9 instead of Monday at 8am. Less to worry about the week before the wedding.

I want to give a SHOUT OUT to Scott, because tomorrow is his birthday. Happy 25th! Your insurance should go down and now you can rent a car. YAY!

Only 12 more days. 11 more sleeps as Alexa says. See you guys there!

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 11:51 PM EST
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Wednesday, 30 November 2005
Two in Less Than a Week
Mood:  celebratory
Now Playing: Writing Center Babble
Yet another blog entry. I have pictures to add (the girls in their dresses, the flower girl, and our engagement picture) but those will have to be added when I am at home. I went and talked with the cake maker Monday. I thought it would take 20 minutes, it took an hour and a half. But the cakes are going to look good and he seems to catch my vision. Last weekend the girls and I got all of the little crafty project done. Today mom is working on what to do with those blasted windows. She has decided that we will swag them with fabric or garland.

My Maid of Honor Alexa has been in contact with my mom, I assume about the panty party for me this weekend. I am unbelievably excited, but scared about this new alliance. This could turn out to be very traumatic, but I look forward to it. I will relate more after the party.

My mom-in-law has started calling me her "daughter" and even came to visit me at JJill (where I work on Sundays) last week. I wasn't there so part of the charm is lost, but the thought still counts for alot. In the past I have felt less than welcome into the Fogg family, but things are looking better.

Life is very happy. Everyday Scott pick me up and squeezes me. I assume that means he is excited. It is very sweet. All the painful work of the wedding is finished and so is the majority of my school work so I am more relaxed and can enjoy the ride. I am still waiting on my GRE score, which will probably come the weekend of the wedding. Oh well, cross your fingers.

Must go now, student needs my senior writing wisdom.

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 3:56 PM EST
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Monday, 28 November 2005
Slacker Blogger
Mood:  rushed
Now Playing: The Sounds of Life by Southern Adventist University
Due to overwhelming complaining by the masses that i have not updated my blog in like 2 months, i am back with a vengence to blog. The wedding is on and in full swing. This weekend the girls and I got together and tied bows on everything! Candles! Bells! Tables! Cats! yeah even the cats. The girls dresses are in and I think that the Foggs have FINALLY ordered their tuxes. Which is just barely in time to get them shipped in time for the wedding. My mom is going absolutely wedding crazy, she is about to have a mental breakdown and buy tule. Eugghk. We have been trying to avoid tule, so far pretty successfully. We are still waiting on the scarf for the handfasting, and marraige counseling has drawn to a close. Which is sad, because we really enjoyed it.

We are in three week countdown mode: All systems GO!

To Do: Vows, Pew Decorations (i counted wrong earlier), Windows in the Reception Hall (they are huge and too bright for a slide show), Slide show material to Jeff, Talk to Photographer, Talk to Cake Guy, Talk to FLower Guy, Pay Flower Guy, and relax sometime. OH and I am sick, so everything tastes bad.

Luv and Hugs to all. I am getting Married!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Yay.

Off to class. Shakespeare beckons....

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 10:57 AM EST
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Monday, 26 September 2005
Mood:  energetic
Now Playing: Just a Wee Bit of Pop (a collection of late 90s Pop)
So I put homework off today to go shopping with the love of my life who is, by the way, the best shopper ever. We looked at lamps for our house. It is very hard to find craftsman/mission style lamps anywhere. Scott brought his very first TV, which I guess in December will be OUR first TV. And THEN we went to look at wedding rings. I have a very simple, yet very beautiful engagement ring in the shape of a Claddagh so we were looking for something to stack with it. But oh the diamonds are gorgeous! Not big ones mind you, but small tasteful diamonds. So now we have decisions to make. I was so proud of Scott as he asked educated questions and shopped like a pro-jewelery shopper. We went to Jared's and they have excellent service. They offered us cappuccino and cookies and any other drink you might want. They even had a little play area in case we had children, which we don't, but it was thoughtful anyways. That is the kind of service I appreciate. They remembered and called us by our first names the whole time. Very nice people.

We also picked out tuxedos today. I despise those shiney shoes. Who wears shiney shoes? Men's Wearhouse gave us a great deal for the complete rental and socks are included AND they get to keep the socks. That should improve the wardrobe of all the guys. I am so excited that I don't have to worry about Corey wearing white socks... that is a load off my shoulders like no other wedding worry. So other than the invitations, the wedding is planned!

Only 82 days till the Wedding. Yay!

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 11:27 PM EDT
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Saturday, 17 September 2005
The Late Blog and Happy Sabbath!
Mood:  caffeinated
Now Playing: Perfect Silence
I have decided to add a blog every Friday night, but today's is late because I spent last night with Ripple Productions, my production company, down at Coolidge Park doing a concert. We organized the whole gig and did a lot of the lighting. My Bridesmaid #3, Rachel, and her band sang about 10 songs and were AMAZING. I want that CD. Funny thing is they haven't recorded it yet.

This has been a long, hard week. My school had week of prayer which means that all my classes meet one hour earlier on MWF. Which I hate because my detestable 8am class is at 7am, and my even more detestable French class is at 8am. You know it is way too early to be in class when the sun hasn't even bothered to get up yet.

I went to the Bridal Show last Sunday and had a great time. I ate my way through it though. Excellent cake and hor d'oerves. I found my Tuxedo rental place for a wonderful $59.99! Which is great because the first place that I talked to was $150 which is as much as the girls are paying and they get to keep their dresses. The thing I lack for the wedding is the invitations. Which I have picked out, but still need to order. The guest list is pretty much nailed down. My goal to have everything done by October is coming along very nicely. Overall all we need to do is invitations, Mom has to decide how she is going to get the candy for the reception, and Scott needs to find out about his kilt jacket.

Last week we went out into our front yard and took pictures of me in my dress. I would love to post them, because my dress is great,even if it does need a little more poof, but I can't because Scott can't see it. Duh. I might could arrange something if anyone wanted to see it, but you would have to email me.

That's enough for now, I am sure that you are overwhelmed by so much reading. And I am going to eat breakfast. Have a Happy Sabbath and a great week.

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 11:29 AM EDT
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Friday, 9 September 2005
Bloggin' Difficulties
Mood:  cheeky
So the blog is not working so well for me. I want it to bring up my most recent blogs when you go to my blog page and it isn't. Scott will have to help me with it. I have added a bunch of new pictures and smart comments to my photo album. I love witty banter.

Scott, my man, has found himself without a job. His work has been outsourced so he is looking for some new design work, or video work, or writing work, anything really. But you can read more about that on his page. He says its a "bummer."

This has been the longest week. I have worked 30+ hours and have gone to school some 16 hours (or so they tell me, it feels more than that). But the Writing Center is up and going, and most people are happy. Sunday I have off, because i am going to a Bridal Show with my Mom, Alexa, and her Mom. I am generally excited. It is great to have someone to squel with about getting married. We had a moment the other day to just squel and go "We're getting married!" I was actually in my wedding dress at the time. Which by the way is perfect. But you can't see it, because if i posted it Scott could see it too, and that would be bad.

Check out the pictures from the lingerie shower, it wasn't mine but it was the first one i have ever been to. Pretty fun stuph. I think they should totally have one for me. Forget all that practical Suzy-homemaker house stuph bring on the panties. That obsession comes from working too long at Victoria's Secret. Which for that company can be just over 2 weeks.

I turned 21 August 20. There are pics of that too on the photo album page. Funny thing is after 3 birthday celebrations last month (not to mention 4+ years of dating) Scott still told the Marriage Counselor that my birthday was September 20.

We, Scott and I, experienced the second of many marriage counseling sessions this week. Where we discussed my crazy family and (surprise) my being spoiled. Actually it is going very well and I look forward to the sessions and the discussions that follow.

So that is the life and wedding update for the week. More later. Have a happy Sabbath and a great weekend. I will I don't have to work Sunday. But if I did i would be at JJill a great little company for women's clothing.

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 10:44 PM EDT
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Thursday, 8 September 2005
Dress Drama
Mood:  lucky
Ok so there has been major Dress Drama in my neck of the woods. The lady i ordered from has been forcefully kicked out of her shop, minus her stock. So she is now working out of her home. Of course i panicked and called my bridal dress company. Turns out the dress was in the box ready to send and waiting on her to pay for it in full. So i got on the phone and let her know that i needed my dress by the next wednesday and that she better make it happen. She did. And my dress is wonderful. It was very stressful to order a dress that i had only seen in a picture. We paid the extra $50 to have it made to my height, so the length and the fit are perfect! Mary's has great quality. And it came prebustled. which is nice no alterations are needed.

The girls dresses however are another story. She has made that company, Jordan Fashions, so mad that they are refusing to send her anymore orders, including mine. And she has now lost the records that my girls have paid. But all will work out she says. She says they have agreed to send her my dresses and we will not have to hunt down another store in the area who sells that brand.

My Maid of Honor, Alexa, is now engaged, to Amos McCellan (who you can see in the picture), and has already got her wedding page started and an email address with her future new name. And everyone thought I was excited... I gave her her first bridal magazine. Everyone knew a month before that he was going to propose except Alexa. It was great. She has a 1/2 caret diamond on white gold. It is quiet the bling. Weddings are fun!

Have a great day!

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 11:54 AM EDT
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Monday, 8 August 2005
1 Hour Later
Mood:  hug me
I have just put together my website. It is mostly wedding related. I have succeeded in creating working links between my pages and links to Scott's Web Site. Here is a picture of me, the Proud Mommy of my very own website and Blog. What is a blog anyways? Next i will create a blog for my mom so she can do this too.

I have also succeed in putting off studying and research for another hour. Yay. But I should go do something productive now. Maybe that blasted personal statement. Blast.

More later on Engagement Pictures and Graduate Schools.

Now I have a Profile too. Very Interesting...

Have a great night! :)

Posted by tn3/kellswedding at 9:38 PM EDT
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