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Hello and Welcome to my site! I am Officer Kirkland and you have entered my little heaven. I am 28 years old and I work as a Knox County School Division Officer. Let me tell you a little about myself. I was born on Friday, November 21, 1975 at 1:25 am at chamberlain Memorial Hospital in Rockwood, Tennessee. My mom and dad divorced a month before I was born. So to the Kids and adults that say they get into trouble because a father figure wasnt around that is complete and total BULL. My mom worked hard to raise me and i think that she did one hell of a job. I went to Ridgeview Elementary in Rockwood. I think I still hold the paddling record there lol. Then i moved onto Rockwood Junior School which know is called Rockwood Middle School (except for the 7 months i spent in Robertsville Junior High in Oak Ridge, Tennessee). THen it was onto High School ( where i spent 2 Years on Juvenile Probation for Truancy). Other than that i played four years on a great football team under coach Mark Pemberton (One of the men that taught me to be a man). and the other was my uncle Trooper Raymond Cox (retired) for this man helped form me into the Officer and man that i am today. Uncle Raymond i am hoping that you are looking down from heaven and are proud of me. Well thats enough about me for now but please check out all of my website and if you like it please send it to friends and please make sure you visit all of the links they are what is going to help me keep this site up and please come back often as I am always working to make this a better site. Please sign my guestbook below and if you think of anything that you want to see on this site please write it in the guestbook and i will try my hardest to put it on here.

My partner Officer Coe gave me this some woman gave her this at a Uiversity of Tennessee Football game gave her this and I think it is so true that I just had to put it here.

The Great Police Officer

Well, Mr. Citizen, it seems you've figured me out. I seem to fit neatly into the category where you've placed me. I'm stereotyped, standardized, characterized, classified, grouped, and always typical. Unfortunately, the reverse is true . . . I can never figure you out. From birth you teach your children that I'm the bogeyman, then you're shocked when they identify with my traditional enemy . . . the criminal! You accuse me of coddling criminals . . . until I catch your kids doing wrong. You may take an hour for lunch and several coffee breaks each day, but point me out as a loafer for having one cup. You pride yourself on your manners, but think nothing of disrupting my meals with your troubles. You raise hell with the guy who cuts you off in traffic, but let me catch you doing the same thing and I'm picking on you. You know all the traffic laws . . . but you've never gotten a single ticket you deserve. You shout "foul" if you observe me driving fast to a call, but raise the roof if I take more than ten seconds to respond to your complaint. You call it part of my job if someone strikes me, but call it police brutality if I strike back. You wouldn't think of telling your dentist how to pull a tooth or your doctor how to take out an appendix, yet your always willing give me pointers on the law. You talk to me in a manner that would get you a bloody nose from anyone else, but expect me to take it without batting an eye. You yell something's got to be done to fight crime, but you can't be bothered to get involved. You have no use for me at all, but of course it's OK if I change a flat for your wife, deliver your child in the back of the patrol car, or perhaps save your son's life with mouth to mouth breathing, or work many hours overtime looking for your lost daughter. So, Mr. Citizen, you can stand there on your soapbox and rant and rave about the way I do my work, calling me every name in the book, but never stop to think that your property, family, or maybe even your life depends on me or one of my buddies. Yes, Mr. Citizen, it's me . . . the lousy cop!

The author of this article was Trooper Mitchell Brown of the Virginia State Police. He was killed in the line of duty two months after writing the article.

I also on a personal note want to send my prayers to Trooper Browns family and may GOD Bless all of you

Well the next incerpt I have is about Saint Michael the Patron Saint of Law Enforcement. Most people look at Law Enforcement as not being Christians because of our job but most of us are devout christians even though sometimes our job makes us not look like it.

Police Officer's Prayer to Saint Michael

Saint Michael, heaven's glorious commissioner of police,who once so neatly and successfully cleared God's premisesof all its undesirables, look with kindly and professionaleyes on your earthly force. Give us cool heads, stout hearts, and uncanny flair for investigation and wise judgment. Make us the terror of burglars, the friend of children and law-abiding citizens, kind to strangers, polite to bores, strict with law-breakers and impervious to temptations. You know, Saint Michael, from your own experiences with the devil, that the police officer's lot on earth is not always a happy one; but your sense of duty that so pleased God, your hard knocks that so surprised the devil, and your angelic self-control give us inspiration. And when we lay down our night sticks, enroll us in your heavenly force, where we will be as proud to guard the throne of God as we have been to guard the city of all the people. Amen.

The next incerpt is the Police Officers Prayer


Lord I ask for courage Courage to face and Conquer my own fears... Courage to take me Where others will not go... I ask for strength Strength of body to protect others And strength of spirit to lead others... I ask for dedication Dedication to my job, to do it well Dedication to my community To keep it safe... Give me Lord, concern For others who trust me And compassion for those who need me... And please Lord Through it all Be at my side...

Like most professional job us in the Law Enforcement community also follow by a code of ethics

As a police officer, I recognize that my primary obligation is to serve the public effectively and efficiently by protecting lives and property preventing and detecting offences, and preserving peace and order. I will faithfully administer the law in a just, impartial, and reasonable manner, preserving the equality, rights, and privileges of citizens as afforded by law. I accept that all persons rich or poor, old or young, learned or illiterate, are equally entitled to courtesy, understanding, and compassion. I will not be disparaging of any race, creed, or class of people. In the performance of my duties, I acknowledge the limits of my authority and promise not to use it for my personal advantage. I vow never to accept gratuities or favours or compromise myself or the Service in any way. I will conduct my public and private life as an example of stability, fidelity, morality, and without equivocation adhere to the same standards of conduct which I am bound by duty to enforce. I will exercise self-discipline at all times. I will act with propriety toward my associates in law enforcement and the criminal justice system. With self-confidence, decisiveness, and courage, I will accept all the challenges, hardships, and vicissitudes of my profession. In relationships with my colleagues, I will endeavour to develop an "esprit de corps". I will preserve the dignity of all persons and subordinate my own self - interests for the common good. I will honour the obligations of my office and strive to attain excellence in the performance of my duties. Wanted! Help Us Identify These People Neighbourhood Watch Upcoming Meetings

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