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The Breast Cancer Site

Welcome To Joanie's Place

Welcome To My little place
Called Home on the web.
Where you can come and dream,
sit and sing a long with me.
Make yourself at home!
Get something to drink and a snack
You may be here a little while!
I do a lot of baking
So there is always something to eat!
I love having company.
My door is always open come on in!!!
I hope to add a lot of poems and stories
that you can read and send to your friend's.
If this is your first time thank you
for visiting with me!
If you have been here before thank you for coming back.

May You always be covered in God's Pure Love!

Please sign my Guestbook
Thank you.Joanie

Now for your enjoyment!
Here is a list of all my pages.

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To Let Go   Have You Ever

Drinking From My Saucer   God Gave Us

Visiting Day   Meet God

Deck Of Card's   Believe

Lighting Your Way   Rainbow Bridge

Angel OF Dreams   Little Girl's

Today I Smiled   Little Boy's

I will be There   Out with the old

Yesterday's Tears   Dreams come true

Thoughts   I Feel Blessed It Does

Angels Tear's   And I Will

My Eyes   Train of life

Country gal with heart   You Complete Me

On A Cloud   Mighty River

True Friendship   Nature

New Year Prayer  Valentine Pages

Peter Cottontail  Easter Bonnet

First Robin  A Tribute To Spring

Autumn  Fall

Happy Autumn  Have You Heard

Night of Thanksgiving  An Irish Rainbow

Bit of Heaven  An Irish Jig

Leprechauns  Happy St. Patrick's Day

Mother's Day pages  Father's Day

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