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Here is an old picture of Calvin Boutte(the cajun)and his son and on the right is Robert Kemmer in a younger day. We hope this web-site will give you some insight as to the breeding of the Old Cajun Squirrel Dogs which we are now calling Kemmer Hybrids. We are going back on some of the old blood in the Hybrid breeding program.--NOTE: I am handling this site for Robert Kemmer and will fwd. info to him from time to time. Do not send an e-mail or put a private entry in guestbook for Robert unless you don't mind me seeing it. Robert does not have a computer. Thanks, J.Hunt

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Jarrod Hunt has some Kemmer Hybrids and Mullins Feist on his website CLICK HERE

Robert C. Kemmer
2720 Kemmer Rd
Crossville, TN 38555
Ph. 931-484-4522

My Partner in Kentucky is:

Johnnie Lawson
2480 Squib Ano Road
Somerset, Kentucky 42501
Ph. 606-274-4343

Hank Gayheart
2828 Sunset Rd.
HillsBoro Ky.41049

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