Embreeville School Pictures

Embreeville school no longer exists. From the best we know it started around the same time the mines did. When men moved their familes into Bumpus Cove a one room school was built and children attended school their. Later on a four room school was built and kids went their. In the school year of 1971-1972 Embreeville school was closed and all students living in Embreeville went to Lamar. The next school year David Crockett High School was opened. Click on schools on the home page to see links to Lamar and David Crockett schools.


Some of the kids in this class were not pictured.

Graduation Day

This picture was taken outside of the Embreeville school after a graduation ceromony.

20 wins 8 loses not bad

This was the Embreeville basketball team in the school year of 1951-1952. Embreeville school did not have a gym it was only a four room school. The basketball teams had to play on a dirt court with wooden backboards. Its hard to imagine now a days getting rained out of a basketball game.