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Hello and Welcome!

Within my pages, you will find I have a lot of interst in many
areas, a love for my family, my friends, and my country.

Some things that are important to me are;
Red Cross, Breast Cancer Awareness, Volunteering, Petfinders,
and Animal Rescue.

I have a great love for children... all children! I love the children, because I can see in them needs which I can meet. I was a special needs child; I am profoundly nearsighted and because of my propensity for depressive episodes I think I have an increased awareness of emotional disabilities in the children and this makes me better at relating to the children who are profoundly affected by situations in their environment or just by their own unique chemistry. I came to be a teacher late in life, and found that it was where I should have been for the duration of my working days.

Last year, through my dear longtime Internet Friend Glenda Bell I was introduced to a very special Marine, Mastersargeant Billy F Dial. Billy, strangely enough is ALSO a Tennesseean, and like all of us, is a diehard Tennessee Volunteer fan. We southerners truly epitomize the truth that football is almost sacred in this part of the country! Billy and I have remained penpals, as I can provide him with some "up to the minute" Tennessee football information, and he seems somehow to just like to hear the sometimes silly stuff that makes up my life. I am dedicating part of my website to his beautiful poetry, and hope that you will enjoy his words. I ask that you remember that this man has been deployed twice within twelve months to stand up for our freedom.

I pray that within my pages, you will find information
that will be helpful, useful, uplifting and encouraging!



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