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Germans To Wartburg

In the mid 1800's my great great grandfather, Christian Haag traveled from Germany to settle in the town of Wartburg, Tennessee. With him were his wife Mary B. and a daughter Caroline who had been born in New York. Christian and his family were listed in the 1850 census of Morgan County. The census lists a son, Christian, who had been born in Tennessee.

Christian (the father) is listed in "A Tennessee Mortality Schedule" He died in Morgan County, in 1860, from an inflammation of the lungs (pneumonia). He was 53 years of age.

I haven't found documentation of Mary B. or the son Christian, after the 1850 census.

The daughter, Caroline shows up in Anna Haag's household, in the 1860 census of Morgan County.

The library in Wartburg (Morgan County) has a listing of the first German and Swiss settlers to the area. Anna Haag is listed but Mary B. Haag is not.

Records from Saint Paul's Lutheran Church in Wartburg, found in the Latter Day Saint's Library, may give a clue to this discrepancy.

Anna Marie Buchfink was the daughter of Phillip Buchfink and Eva Becker.

She was born in Oberhausen, Bez Landow, Rhein-Bayern on July 25 1817 and was christened July 31 1817 in Barbelroth, Pfalz, Germany.

Anna and Christian Haag were married April 2 1845. She died June 4 1907, was buried June 6 1907.

Mary could have been the Americanization of Maria and the B. may have stood for Buchfink. Anna could have been what she was commonly called. Two names, one person.

In the 1860 census of Morgan County Anna Haag is listed as head of household with three children.

Caroline Haag - 14 - New York
Henry Haag - 7 - Tennessee
Charles Haag - 5/12 - Tennessee
My family descend from the son "Henry"
Records from Saint Paul's Church in Wartburg list (Henry), Karl Heinrich Ernst Haag birth as April 7 1853.

He was christened April 17 1853 and confirmed May 26 1867.

He was born in Wartburg to Christian Haag and Anna Maria Buchfink.

Anna Haag owned three town lots in Wartburg # 93-94-95 according to the 1876 Tax List of Morgan County. A map of Wartburg as it would have been in 1851 can be found in "A History Of Morgan County" by Ethel Freytag and Glenna Kries Ott. Anna owned the property fronting Main Street, between Cumberland and Mill Streets. This property was two lots east of the "Haag Tavern" where Charles Haag, believed to be Christian's brother, was employed as tavern keeper.

My mother, Emma Haag Talley, told me of stories that had been told to her about her great grandfather. Her recollection of the stories concerned the man, Charles Haag, naming him as her great grandfather. I've no idea how the facts became confused, unless Charles was a close relative who had impressed Christian's children in a way they thought of him as a parent. Christian died in 1860 leaving a fourteen year old, a seven year old and a baby. Charles had moved to Knoxville, Tn. by then. How and why the two exchanged places in the memory of some descendants is a mystery to me. He may have been a brother. Who knows? Do you? Email

Charles and his family are also in the 1850 census of Morgan County:

Charles Haag - Tavern Keeper - Germany
Margaret Haag - (mother?) - Germany
Gustav Brandau - Doctor - Germany

Charles served as one of Wartburg's commisioners when it was incorporated in 1851. Source: "Goodspeed's History Of Morgan County".

In 1844, George Frederick Gerding and J. C. Kunckelmann joined with Theodore De Cock, to organize the East Tn Colonization Company, which the settlement of Wartburg grew from. The "Company" owned the Tavern that Charles (Carl) kept. The Tavern was a two story frame building, which provided entertainment and refreshment for residents and new arrivals. Source:"The Tennessee County History Series" (Morgan County)

This is the extent of what I know of my Morgan County roots. Henry Haag left the area during the late 1870's to settle in Jefferson County Tennessee. Please visit "My Haag Lineage" ( below) for more information concerning this line.
Thank you.

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