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A psychiatrist is defined as someone that practises psychiatry. Psychiatry is defined as the practise or the science of treating mental diseases. This in itself is amusing. Freud was possibly the most famous psychiatrist that ever lived and produced not only some fascinating diagnoses but also utter crap. This isnít what disturbs me about these people Ė itís the fact that they actually use Freud as a basis for a lot of their initial analyses.

Iíve dealt personally a lot with the members of the medical profession. In 18 months I managed to get rid of 13 psychiatrists and am only just staying with my 14th Ė barely. The golden question is always why? When youíre a suicidal individual with no actual reason for living, the world becomes a dark place. Psychiatrists revel in this sort of dissatisfaction with life and take it upon themselves to dope you up (see Medication). The suicidal routine of questions is always the same and as time goes by reciting them becomes easier and easier. By the 8th doctor I was able to mouth with them exactly what they were saying. They saw my antics are unsatisfactory and could only lead to future problems later on in the treatment. They lasted an hour.

Most of them have forgotten what it is like to be alive. Doctors grow cold over time and focus too intently on the financial aspects of life rather than the humanitarian side. When their centre of attention is drawn more towards the dollar signs than the bleeding limbs, something is very, VERY wrong. Iíve been through enough to know how they work. They sit there on their comfy chairs and peer at you over a page of foolscap while youíre expected to pour your heart and soul out in an hour (or 50 minutes). The majority of shrinks that I have seen screwed me around in one fashion or another hence my utter contempt for every single of one them. My current isnít much better but heís lasted the longest out of all of them. The one before him last for three months and in the end was outsmarted by a psychotic cutter.

My qualm with them is very simple; they never listen to the cause, only the problem. Only recently have I identified some of my triggers, which is a good thing but my Freudian master didnít help with that at all. If they actually listened to the person speaking instead of the diagnosis I would have a lot more respect for them. I do not appreciate being told that Iím going to be admitted into a hospital because my suicidal desire is through the roof. I do not take kindly to being told that my slashing my body to pieces with a blade isnít good for myself and as such my parents are going to have to be informed. Medicare covers the payments, not my parents. I opted for therapy after one of the first overdoses for the year (count numberÖ?) and this particular moron threatened me with hospitalisation every time I told her something out of the norm. How is a person meant to recover as such is they are threatened with a situation that will ultimately strip them of all their rights and control?

This is what they all stand for Ė domination. They stand for making themselves be the winner in all cases except where the patient recovers and pays off their debts. Psychiatrists arenít cheap. In fact, theyíre bloody expensive and as such I have spent enough money on them (where Medicare didnít pick it up) to buy a car, a house and a small tropical island. Shit happens.

Say you tell the doctor what he/she needs to hear. They pat you on the back and send you out the door despite the fact youíre more suicidal than ever and have made yourself look like a recent attack occurred by the blades of Edward Scissorhands. You walk down the street, smiling because society will be angry if you donít. You go home, overdose and die. Meanwhile, at some exclusive club for psychs alone, they are giving your version of Obe Won a congratulatory dinner for treating and successfully making better their 1000th patient. A job well done Ė they neglected to check the bed where you died. This is what theyíre like. They donít give a fuck except if it is to make profit.

Once upon a time I wanted to become a doctor to change the system of what I was subjected to. They all get corrupted in the end. I didnít want to turn out like them.