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Eating Disorders

Itís very Vogue these days to have an Eating Disorder. Youíre not chic unless you have some deformed way of eating that would enter you into a blissful haven otherwise known as the noughties hell.

There is something seriously wrong with this as not all the wankers that happen to emerge from their homes actually have an eating disorder. Itís not a fad diet that you happen to come across one weekend to drop a few kilos; itís a mindset and one that is impossible to escape. Unfortunately there are too many vacant bunnies in the world that actually see this. I have been anorexic since a child and I am now 18. That is a long time to have lost yourself amidst the chaotic winds of eating disorders. I became bulimic at age 15. Fun times were not had and as such Iím slowly starving myself to death. Do I see something wrong with this? Of course not, itís not me doing it BUT I do see something very wrong with the little teenyboppers deciding they want to engage in an anoretic diet without actually understanding the ramifications that could ensue on their bodies.

Eating Disorders donít fall under the new ways to lose weight. They arenít a diet pill, a standardised way to shed those unsightly bulges or a diet drink that can make all your pain go away. They are a hell that not only walks within your nightmares but also follows you to reality. I am sick to death of meeting people who ask me how I lose weight so quickly and if I can give them a few pointers on where to start. Instructions on how to kill you slowly are as follows:

1. Tell yourself over and over again that you hate yourself, youíre fat and you deserve to die.
2. Cut out meat, dairy, sugar and fat products.
3. Develop an exercise plan that involves you working out for at least 3 hours a day.
4. Skip breakfast, lunch and dinner with a snack of one apple and half a rice cake.
5. Take up smoking and refuse to accept treatment of any kind.
6. Death is imminent Ė start planning your funeral now.

How many girls or boys would actually follow this routine for the majority of their life? I have lived over half of my life in an ED coma and am yet to rouse from it. Walking around, hearing girls say to their friends how theyíd LOVE to become anorexic for the weekend sickens me. Idiocy is something I cannot abide by in human beings but a down right ignorant attitude makes me furious. Iíd love to take them to the graves of people I once knew who died from this because their bodies simply gave up. Iíd love to actually give them the mindset of an anoretic for a weekend and see how well they cope. My guess is that the majority of them will be begging for a release from the nightmare before an hour is up.

If I hate it so much, why donít I get help? Because there is no such thing as recovery and I find comfort in knowing that I can destroy myself. I do everything else that is bad for me; an eating disorder just seems to fit.