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Advantages to being single:)

Hey E-Body,Heather here,well since i dont have my boyfriend nemore,i have to say that is a little upseting especially since we were like 8 months n hes already had a 2 week realationship.But hey its ok!Becuz here are the advantages to being single! *1~Your Free! *2~Never have to worry about breaking up! *3~Talk or Flirt w/ anyone you want to! *4~Never Have to wait for their slow butts to come around! *5~Dont have to worry about who they r with or what they r doing! *6~SOME EXTRA MONEY N UR WALLET:D<<<<<<<<<< *7~>>>>>>Ticking Your Ex Off<<<<<<<<

3 things i hate about one of my ex's

3 things i want n a guy