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<!--begin text_1-->There are two methods to analyze the value of securities. One is the analysis of the financial health of an equity.
This is known as Fundamental analysis. The other is the study of historical price movements of an equity. This method is known as
Technical analysis. Both methods have merit. The market tends to move on perception and there is usually a
discrepancy between the common perception and the equities real value as expressed by the prices. One of the major problems, whether
it is fundamental or technical analysis, is the interpretation of the data. This seem to be more a problem using fundamental analysis than
technical charts. Sometimes the followers of the technical data can cause a short term "self-fulfilling" prophesy be reacting at the same time
to a chart formation.<br><!--end text_1-->
<b><!--begin heading_2-->Why are my Charts Different?<!--end heading_2--></b><br>
<!--begin text_2-->As I have stated, one of the problems of both methods of security analysis is the deciphering of the information. There
are an enormous amount of financial data available. Technical analysis have numerous patterns, formations and "waves." Not only is all this data gathering
time consuming but trying to determine the direction of market can be quite difficult.<b><br><p>I have been a student of the stock market for forty years.
I am still a student. No one, in my opinion, ever knows enough. But I have taken my experience of working with different mathematical formulas to develop
what I believe is as good of a system available to indicate an oversold or overbought position in an equity. Detail information on how to use my charts
is on the "Sample" page.</b></br></p><br><p>Of course, my chart system is proprietary. I have to protect it like the best cook at the church social protects her receipts.
But my charts involve twelve mathematical formulas. I have two lines. One I label as the "Bullish/Bearish" line. This represents the technical aspects
of my chart. There are four weighted components represented by this line. Of course, as in any technical analysis, price and volume have the most weight. The
other line I label as the "Sell/Buy" line. This line represents the fundamental analysis of my chart. There are five unweighted financial components determing the value
of this line. I have used only the most stable ratios to formulate data to indicate the intrinsic value of an equity. For example, price to book value is more
consistent than price to earnings and a better indication of value. Earnings go up and down while the underlying assets are more stable and that is what
knowlegeable investors are buying, earning power, or potential earning power, rather than earnings themselves. Earnings are what companies pay income tax on,
just like you and I, and we all try to find ways to manipulate our earnings to avoid taxes. Traders will chase short term earnings volatility while investors
buy the underlying business. Take a page out of Warren Buffet book. Buy assets instead of earnings. So therefore, my charts will not calculate the latest earnings
report or the headlines, good or bad, about sales or new contracts, etc.</p><p>More information about reading my charts is on the "Sample" page, but I have designed
the information so that anyone can easily read the information without difficulty even if they are not familiar with charts. I have developed the chart to keep
the Sell/Buy (fundamental) line stable at zero value with the Bullish/Bearish (technical) line moving in relationship to the fundamentals. In actually, both lines
are changing daily to reflect the market dynamics. When the blue line (technical) is below the red line (fundamental) this indicates the security is "oversold"
and eventually the price movement will reverse. The opposite is true when the technical line is above the fundamental line. This indicates an "overbought" position
and the price movement will eventually decline. Following these charts will provide not only a better reward/risk ratio but provide an indication of a more
opportune time to make a trade. When is the best time to take a position? It appears the best timing is to wait until the technical (blue) line has made a
reversal. Again, read the "Sample" page for more details concerning my interpretation of the charts. Can everyone benefit from these charts? It is always good to
review all available information before taking a stock position but the charts probably are more beneficial to long-term investors with patience rather than short-term
traders. <!--end text_2--></p>
<td><!--begin image_1--><img src="/images/chart.jpg" border=0 width=250 height=250><!--end image_1--></td>
<b><!--begin heading_3-->DISCLAIMER STATEMENT AND LEGAL NOTICE<!--end heading_3--></b><br>
<!--begin text_3-->I have been told that I should include some legalese under this heading so be sure and read this stuff. This site
is accessible worldwide to anyone with Internet access. Access to and use of this Site are subject to the terms and conditions of this notice.
You accept, without limitation or qualification, all the terms and conditions in this notice.<br>
This website has been prepared solely for general informational and educational purposes and is not an offer to buy or sell, or a
solicitation of an offer to buy or sell, the securities mentioned in the content of this site, or by email, nor a
recommendation to participate in any particular trading strategy. Please consult your broker for trading advice. <br> All trading requires
risking money in the pursuit of future gain. Do not risk money you cannot afford to lose. All forcasting is based on the statistics of past
performance, past performance is no guarantee of future performance. I am no longer licensed and registered as a stockbroker nor am I licensed as an investment
advisor and therefore am not licensed to give trading advice of any sort nor to make specific trading recommendations. I make no guarantee you will become a successful
trader using the information on my website or by email. I assume no liability for any losses that may be incurred by the use of information contained herein, or by email,
and any such liability is hereby expressly disclaimed.<br> The information, facts, and opinions that are render herein and by email are not tailored to any specific
portfolio or any participant's particular needs. Your use of this site and the receiving of email is at your risk. Proprietor shall not be held liable to you or anyone else
for any loss or injury or any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special, puntive or similar damages arising out of your access or use of, or your inability
to access or use, this site or by email. You hereby waive any and all claims against proprietor arising out of your use of this site and email. Any disputes arising out of
or related to your usage of this site, or email, shall be governed by, construed and enforced in accordance with, the laws of the State of Tennessee, U.S.A.<br> I am semi-retired
and the operation of this business and the preparation of stock charts is more of a hobby than a job. There may be times, due to my health or needing to take time off, I cannot
prepare a chart. During such times, I will post a notice on the Order Page informing you of this fact. Also, the order form will be disabled.<!--end text_3-->
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