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Trophy Wild Boar hunts

Contact: Lathern Hull
6757 Old Mt. Helen Road
Allardt, TN 38504

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Wild Boar Hunting, A Tennessee Tradition

All trophy boar hunts are fully guided and not hunted with dogs due to the dogs biting and ripping the ears after the boar is harvested, we want your trophy to be perfect in every way.


Imagine a creature with high front shoulders, long shaggy hair, an average weight of 350 to over 400 lbs., a mouth full of razor sharp teeth, body armor like a tank, the attitude of a pit bull and the ability to back up his temper!!!


 With both massive body weight and awesome tusk size, just seeing one of these pre-historic, ice age "mountain devils" will make you realize these are the things nightmares are made of.


The Russian/European wild boar at this size are a freak of nature. Very few hunters have ever killed a wild boar of this magnitude. Just like the whitetail deer, wild boar MUST have superior genetics, age and very good hunting management to fully produce a true trophy.
No sows are to be taken on the trophy hunts.
Average weight:    350lbs.
Tusk length:   3 to 6 inches (some over 6 inches)
Due to the armor and massive body size a minimum of .270 rifle is required or a minimum of .44 mag hand gun is required.
All archery equipment must have a fixed, non-mechanical broad head.

We currently have no openings for our trophy boar hunts until January, 2007.  We are now taking deposits for our 2007 winter and spring trophy boar hunting.

.Please email us for rates.




Lodging, license and all guide fees are included in the price.
No kill, no pay!
We only have a limited amount of trophy hunts per year so it is first come first hunt.
All hunters must sign a release form before hunting. These boar are dangerous and are capable of great bodily harm.


You have my personal guarantee the trophy boar we hunt is one of the purest strains of European bloodlines and the most impressive wild boar in North America.

When we have a client hunting, it is our goal to find the absolute best trophy. Second best just will not do. We intend to earn your repeat business, year after year so remember, we are not happy until you are satisfied and we are not satisfied until you are happy!


Lathern Hull


We also offer Taxidermy and Butchering service.

Contact: Lathern Hull
6757 Old Mt. Helen Road
Allardt, TN 38504

Call  (931) 879-5530 Email