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[Dove]A Brief Look Back In Time[Dove]

Greetings family and friends, Imagine what it might be like if you could suddenly
experience your entire life pass before your eyes at an incredible speed and
clarity. Each person would have their own unique story to tell.
Looking back over your life, what would you want to share with those special people you care for?
I have a few wishes and ideas to leave for them as my gift.

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[Wave Forge]A Few Of My Thoughts

You will learn that life is difficult at times. It will be a test to see how well you adapt and overcome these experiences. It will make you a better person as well as a skilled survivor. You will then have the strength and the wisdom to help others. Never lose faith in yourself no matter how difficult it may be at times.

May some of your life's endeavors humble you, yet strengthen your spirit and will to go on. Meaning, purpose, and direction will be realized.

May you discover the need-to-love--exceed the need-to-be-loved.
Some things require time to be more fully understood. If you can't love them, then let them free to love another.

May you be kind to others in need, and tolerate their situations when and if needed.

May you find compassion as a strength and not a condition of vulnerability for some to misjudge you or your intentions.

May you strive for self awareness, and self honesty, for it will open the doors for better changes. This will take time, but no one said it would be easy.

May no one abuse or exploit you for your trust in them. Remember, if your big on heart, don't be small on brains. There are always people out there ready to take advantage of your generosity. They may not be responsible people. Be "street-smart" about it.

May you remember those special moments in life when you felt warm friendship, love, or affection that brought a tear or slight smile to your face. Hold on to those memories for they are a gift.

May you "not dwell on the past, for it will rob you of the present."
May you "not ignore the past, for it will rob your future."

May you know that success is an abstract word - which can be very different from one person to another.

May you learn that "for richer or poorer" doesn't mean your a better or lesser person than another. It only means you except that person in your heart without regard for economics or status.

May you learn that high achievers simply have found something that they are exceptional at. Hard work may not be enough by itself, although some people tend to think it is.

May you learn that people who think they have all the answers, haven't heard all of the questions.

May you learn that braggers are insecure people trying to convince themselves of their superiority by convincing you.

May the beauty of innocence be protected, comforting, and appreciated. It will open doors to see some things in a broader perspective. Think with your heart and you will understand.

May you be cautious in young love. Affection, gentleness, kindness, flattery, gifts, and the forces of nature may lure young hearts into submission and entrapment. If you fall in love with a maverick it may someday let you go. Mature love becomes complex in order to withstand a lifetime of endeavors and commitments.

May you learn that love has obligations and cannot stand alone. Try not to let the need to love be confused with actually loving someone. A healthy mind is required for a healthy love.

May you understand that if your not good enough for your lover now, you may have been too good for them in the past. Obviously, this does not apply in all cases as people are complex.

May you learn that the best of trophies in life cannot and should not be put on display. They are earned with honor, dignity, integrity, and are part of the foundation that supports your maturity. People are never trophies.

May you learn that honesty is always easier when the reward for it is greater than the punishment for it.

May you know that some people are like the chameleon - they can suddenly change before your eyes; beware of a Trojan horse.

May the joy in your life be greater than the hard times when sadness, disappointment, or loss seem to dominate the moment. Keep a healthy smile, you're going to need it.

May you find forgiveness in yourself and others for those events that seemed unavoidable at the time. Life is complex, especially when events are not planned or fully understood. Don't let it crush you. Humans have their own special abilities and limitations.

May you find peace, comfort, and completeness in yourself. Your personal growth will open more doors than your personal limitations will prevent.

May they learn to love for today and let tomorrow take care of itself. Love is food for the heart and must be taken properly to be healthy.

May your last memory in your life be a wish you can leave behind for those you love, and those you have loved. May they be safe, healthy, and experience many wonderful things in life. May their wisdom come soon to empower them to be survivors. May they master the art of avoiding pain and letting it pass when it does arrive. May they live a happy, fulfilling, prosperous life, and share it with their love ones as well.

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A Few Things We Learn In Life

[Dove]Life vs Time
When you're young, life seems slow and long.
When you're middle age, you're too busy to think about it.
When you're old, life seems too fast and short.

You can like someone and not love them.
You can love someone and not like them.
When you like and love someone, they become a vital part of you.

There are those we call friends.
There are those that are friends.
There are those that are friends for life.

[Dove]The Journey
Discover who you are, and be true about it. Know what you want in life, and plan your journey well. Be a survivor, but not at the expense of becoming insensitive towards others. Don't let anyone abuse, or exploit your trust. Live by the "Golden Rule", and "The Ten Commandments" as best you can. There are no perfect people in this world. Avoid controlling, and narcissistic people with hidden agendas. The best of people are the ones that ask the least in return. They come in all sizes, shapes, ages, nationalities, and "walks of life". They bring you no harm only their generosity. Appreciate them and they will appreciate you in return. Make meaningful friends, live, learn, love, and rest-with-peace.

Copyright Pending
January 1, 2000
by William C. Mason.All rights reserved.


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