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About Big F Insecticides
Mosquito Problems?

Skeeter Welcome! Big F Insecticides, Inc. is proud to sell Thermo Fogger®, Precision Blend®, and FogMaster® foggers and accessories used for pest control of ground and flying insects. We have your answer to the West Nile threat!

These same foggers, combined with our special insecticide formulas, are an excellent way to combat the West Nile Virus. Click HERE for more information on the foggers we sell.

Big F Insecticides, Inc. services are available nationwide.

Contact Big F Insecticides, Inc.
Big F Insecticides, Inc.
Joe R Patty
437 Airways BLVD.
Jackson, TN 38301

Phone: 731-427-0497
Fax: 731-427-7446

Our History:
Big F Insecticides, Inc. was established in 1949, with a commitment to rid the world of unwanted pests.

"Selling the World the Finest Insecticides and Equipment on Earth."

"The Best Possible Formula at the Best Possible Price."


Precision Blend®

The C.U.B.
Combination ULV & Barrier  (+ Larvicide Dispenser)

The Combination ULV & Barrier droplets produced by the CUB provide the best combination available for achieving quick and long lasting control of mosquitoes. In many cases, the cost of vehicles and labor far outweigh the cost of the products being used. The CUB can allow substantial labor savings since it can accomplish several jobs at once.

  • Can product ULV, Barrier and larvicide size droplets to give fast and lasting insect control.
  • Base frame mounts easily onto most ATVs, golf cars, and vehicles.
  • Up front formulation tank locates majority of mass and weight forward for safer, more stable starts and operation.
  • Automatic electronic ignition timing for fast and easy starts.
  • Left side engine and application controls allow operator to keep right hand on vehicle controls.
  • Parabolic nozzle design concentrates air/chemical stream into high speed blast for extended projection and deep foliage penetration.
  • Horizontal engine/blower design provides extremely low center of gravity for both operational stability and less interference with environmental hazards.
  • Rotating/locking nozzle provides 180 application adjustment.

Detailed Specifications:
Engine: 3.5 HP, Two-Cycle, Recoil start
Chemical Tank: 3.5 gallons
Fuel Consumption: 0.2 gallon/hr at 95% load
Vertical Reach: 32 feet (Engine @ 6500 rpm)
Horizontal Reach: 39 feet (Engine @ 6500 rpm)
Fuel Tank: 3.5 pints
Air Output Volume: 365 cubic feet/minute  (6500 rpm)
Air Outlet Speed: 433 feet/second  (6500 rpm)
Weight: 33 pounds

Super Jolly

The Super Jolly
Combination Granular Thrower, Mist Blower, Duster, and ULV

A powerful backpack unit for the professional application of liquids, granules, and dusts. Lightweight, rugged construction makes the Super Jolly ideal for those tough field jobs. Extremely versatile, it can be converted between liquids and dry products in just minutes. The Super Jolly is a compact, robust, and extremely versatile knapsack mist-blower with a  wide rage of applications.

  • VIBI designed and built two cycle engine is renown worldwide for durability.
  • Electronic ignition with automatic timing ensures high load torque while providing fast and easy starting.
  • Low compression ratio assures long engine life.
  • Padded frame with 4 vibration mounts and a high output blower for even, penetrating applications.
  • Fingertip controls and a ULV nozzle are included as standard.
  • The comfortable, ergonomic carrying straps fit most body types.

Ideal for maintaining safe, sanitary, pest-free environments for:

Recreational Parks Orchards Agriculture
Golf Courses Vineyards Ball Parks
Greenhouses Homes Towns
Businesses Campuses Dairies Parks
Animal Confinements Factories Campgrounds
Poultry Farms Estates Truck Farms
Detailed Specifications:
Engine: 3.5 HP, Two-Cycle, Recoil Start
Shipping Dimensions: 13.5" x 18.1" x 29.5"
Chemical Tank: 3.5 gallon
Vertical Reach: 32 feet  (Engine @ 6500 rpm)
Horizontal Reach: 39 feet  (Engine @ 6500 rpm)
Fuel Consumption: 0.2 gallon/hour at 95% load
Fuel Tank: 3.5 pints
Air Output Volume: 365 cubic feet/minute  (6500 rpm)
Air Outlet Speed: 295 mph  (6500 rpm)

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Contact Big F Insecticides, Inc.
Phone: 731-427-0497
Fax: 731-427-7446

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