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5oK|  (15) vs Kod (14)
 CFC|  (7) vs 5oK| (23)
5oK(18) vs DWR (12)

5oK|(27) vs Kod (3)




Welcome to the new 5oK website! Our leader Yak has worked very hard in bringing the site back to life, forums are down at the moment but will be up soon! We would like to thank CiB member Sanji for making our affiliate logo and ShroomHead for helping in logos as well! I am hoping all members will check the site regularly for news and improvements. Enjoy!

     - Yak

Clan practice will be held 2-3 times a week depending on circumstances. Many members will be re-attending school soon and may not be able to make it. From the members I have talked to Sundays at 8 est. 5 in California. I am hoping to see all members attending. Any suggestions or problems contact Yak or Sophistyfunk. Also the login system is not yet working, if anyone is good with these kind of scripts you are welcome to help me!


Please put our affiliate link on your site, we will do the same :)



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