Zuels Prison Zuels Prison
Zuels Prison


LA was decidedly absent from the Do Re Me concert that day

Ok, down to business. This page is dedicated to the thought;

Why on Earth would you ever chill with me?



You'll get to go to strange exotic

locations and meet the natives!

Meet Celebrities!

Yes, Elvis Is Alive!

he's living in my basement

(wtf is up with my HAIR anyways?)

Hang out with me and my friends!

Pass out in my back yard free from harm after the kegger!

Don't even ask.

Avoid capture by ravanous females!

(For Sale: one slightly bent set of handcuffs)

See me with a hangover!

Ok, enough sillyness.

I could go on and on with this theme. I made this site so that you could know a little bit more about me. I understand your hesitation, as I also don't date frequently. Things are not always as they appear to be. I see the deep color of a thousand oceans in the thought of your eyes. That is my prison and I am locked into it like a sniper on a roof top hahahahaha just kidding. lol.


If any of these links are down

Or you have something to BITCH ABOUT!