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The Ancient city of Vellweb

An armor-clad female warrior is overlooking the fields. She is spying on a huge green dragon Feyrbrand. Down below, our hero Dart sits and ponders the potential war.Before he can get too deep into his thoughts, he is interrupted by the thunderous sound of a nearby stampede.Lonley Soldier Girl

Getting a closer look, Dart is met by two guards who question him but the three men are taken by suprise, Feyrbrand enters. With the two guards escaping, Dart is left to fend for himself. The young warrior runs away with the jade dragon on his tail, but he is saved by the same warrior we saw previously. She brings Dart up to speed on the events, and tells him that Seles has been ransacked. Dart is speechless and heads of to Seles.

Greetings! This is the storyline for The Ancient City of Vellweb, a Legend of Dragoon email RPG. I'm your residential GM, Karin Kanzuki, the same SFA3 b!+c# that everyone loves to hate! This game is still completely new, and I've a lot more to add unto the site within the next few days. Until then, feel free to browse around!

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