inside the 'karnies

the story behind the songs:

The Autumn of My Leaves

This song was written in 1987 by Alexander Matthews, he was inspired by a recent trip he had taken. “I had just returned from the Belgian Congo where I had fallen in love with a young nubile Man Quitta princess”. Her name was a series of clicks from the tongue. Alexander talks of how she was pried away from him by the tribe, “They threw her into a volcano as a sacrifice to the gods, I think they wanted and end to some sort of plague or something. Anyway, the ashes from the volcano reminded me of leaves.” When Alexander returned stateside it was Autumn and he just couldn’t help the fact that those leaves reminded him of the nubile princess’s ashes. He wrote the song in about 3 minutes and the band recorded it an about 2 minutes.

Legs Akimbo Jive

Legs Akimbo was inspired by a Russian political guy who threw the band out of his country. Says A. Matthews, “he was out of control due to the ice cold grip borcht had over his life”. “he did a crazy celebration dance, I didn’t know what else to call it”, commented Nathanous. “yes his legs were akimbo and he was jiving” Angus exclaimed, “it was crazy”.

Addiction wins By A Landslide

In 1980, Nathanous was on his way to the polls on Super Tuesday when out of nowhere came a telephone pole. He wrapped his car completely around said telephone pole. Afterwards he tried to walk, but fell and slept in a field for four hours. When he awoke the song was just there, and it was 2:30 am.

Budget Nudists

Budget Nudists is based on a book the Costcutter found about the history of a hippie commune that failed in the 1950’s. “They weren’t hippies back then, they were bohemians” argued Alexander Matthews. “That’s what you think” Nathanous retorted.