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The Nisa's

Official Webpage

March 25, 2003

The Nisa is currently speaking with a talent agency and is looking to be affiliated with a record company in the coming months.
Several plans are in the works to bring The Nisa's music to other mediums. Magazine reviews, a video, and new mp3s on this web site are all being created. This web site will have more information on these projects as it becomes available.
With so many projects in the works, the band has been booking fewer shows until plans become more concrete. The band has been and will be playing at several open mics throughout the Austin and San Marcos areas in order to keep playing at live venues.
The band has added one more show in Lubbock on April 18th. Again, more news on this show will be posted as it becomes available.

Some exciting new developments are happening to The Nisa. This website will soon be upgrading to reflect the new changes to The Nisa including: new bios, a new picture gallery, and most importantly new MP3's. Keep checking this webpage throughout the coming weeks for more information.