Timeless Love

She stands on the edge of the cliff.
Each night staring out at the dark sea.
Holding her lantern high in the fog.
Praying her lover will come home safely.

Waves crashing on the rocks below.
Winds making the sound of a moan.
Twenty years have come and went.
She waits for her lover to come home.

They say his ship was caught in a storm.
On a dark night a few miles from here.
The ship and crew rest in the watery grave.
She could not believe it and shed not a tear.

She knew her lover promised to return.
She knew they could never be apart.
Their love stronger than any storm.
A love so deep in both their hearts.

Each night she waits as the ocean wind wails.
Wearing a tattered wedding dress of white.
She stares out at the dark and ominous sea.
The hurricane lantern shining so bright.

The wind's fury gave way to a silent sound.
Above the ocean the mist slowly begins to part.
She could see a light coming toward her.
Hearing only the sound of her beating heart.

The light beckon her to come toward it.
She stepped off the cliff without any fears.
She could feel her lovers arms around her.
Hearts beating as one she shed joyous tears.

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