Dan Gibson, 02/14/99

Crystal night with jillion stars
Moon light sprinkled everywhere
Rare creatures and ghost abounds
Dark shadows hide in the skulls
Flicker of light here and there
Spirits not at ease
I am here, but where am I?

Rejection is overwhelming
My trembling fear warrants panic
Engulfs my mind completely
I listen in great astonishment
I am enthralled with mental anguish
What was my last sight on earth?
Attempted memories are in vain

I squint my eyes to see
I have no power at all
Chills run down my spine
Fog slowly drifts in
I see shapes and forms
Wind begins blowing with fury
A tortured howl I hear

I run, but my legs feel like marble
I yell, but no sound I hear
Dark creatures stride toward me
Eyes glowing with fire
Arms reach out and take me
I am pulled deep into the fog
Darkness and horror everywhere

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