Grandmother's Song

There's a country somewhere to which I'm going, with the
redeemed of this earth I shall stand. Oh, I know that I
will meet them over yonder, in that bright and happy land.

Soom my troubles in this world will all be over, at Jesus
feet I will lay my burdens down. Then I'll go on home to
be with Jesus forever more. There I'll wear a robe and crown.

Many loved ones have gone on before me, and their faces I
shall never see no more. Until we gather by the side of
the river, over on that bright and peaceful shore.

Oh, won't you go alone with me. Oh, dear brother, cause there's
nothing in this world I can see. That's compared to my
Saviour and the happiness, that's forever
and through out eternity.

This song was written by my Grandmother Ethel Willoughby in the 1950's.

Thank you,
Dan Gibson, webmaster

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