Is This The Future?

I look and I see people,
Taken into silver-line transports,
A place where I fear for them to go,
I see men, women and children crying,
They have not past the proper, class code.
They are not the right color.
They are not of the right faith.
They are not the right race.
They are being pushed into plastic coffin's,
Millions of these coffins are passing through,
A slow but eventually to a horrible quick death,
Is this what the world is doing?
Have we as human beings come to this?
Oh God if only people knew this!
Would it have changed anything?
I see now, we as humanity know,
It will all soon be gone.
I see only the strong will survive.
They will overcome everything,
As we now know on earth.
After the good is gone the evil,
Of the world will destroy themselves.
The waves of the ocean will be waiting,
For a grain of sand to start life again!

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