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These writings are our gift to you; we hope they bless you and everyone you share them with. You may distribute them freely so long as you share them in their entirety. If you have any questions or comments about these writings please contact us

A Father's Love Also available in Adobe PDF (A Father's Love)

0-51-90-100 Also available in Adobe PDF (0-51-90-100)

The Kingdom of God Also available in Adobe PDF (The Kingdom of God)

Your Strength is Your Weakness Also available in Adobe PDF (Your Strength...)

Seven Steps to Prepare for Y2K Also available in Adobe PDF (7 Steps)
[This writing is a bit dated but contains strong scriptural reasons why we should trust God to be our provider]


To read Adobe PDF format:Get Adobe Acrobat Reader

We study from the following translations of the Holy Bible:

We also study the New Testament in the following translations:

Some of our reference material includes:

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