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 Mission Statement

The primary mission of is to reach out through every means available to the lost and dying of the world, tell them about Jesus and what He did for them on the cross and to help fully teach the body of Christ what Jesus bought and paid for on the day of Calvary, and to challenge Christians to live in the abundant and victorious life in their covenant rights and privileges that where bought and paid for on that same day. We neither teach the doctrine of any particular denomination nor "sell" any denomination or church for you to attend, we believe that as long as you adhere to what the Bible teaches, and attend a church where the Word is taught you will be on the right track.

Secondarily we provide "Word" based, quality resources, reading and teaching materials, and other items of interest to help bring the body of Christ to a deeper understanding of the Word and to fulfill the Great Commission (Matthew 28:1 8-20)

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