DWA's Thoroughbred Herd

    Okay, people, I didn't make up these rules....Heck, I even took some out! :)
  1. Limit of 18 characters
  2. May not consist of initials only
  3. May not end in horse related term (ex. "filly", "colt", "mare", etc.)
  4. May not be used if easily confused with name of previously named horse
  5. May not consist of numbers (unless spelled out)
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  9. Suggestive or obscene names not allowed
  11. WOW! If your foal's name contradicts ANY of the rules stated above, Email me, and we'll see what we can do.
  12. I'm flexible when it comes to the character limit. (I'm pretty lenient on most of 'em, anyway!)

~*NEW*~ Blazing Yule - (Pedigree Pending)

~*NEW*~ LM Secret Royalty - (Kommand The Play x Raspberry Martini) - 1990 Black - Bred by DWA - CM SM by ~*ME*~ - Lines posted later. FFC: 1992

~*NEW*~ LM No Kidding - (Seattlesboldsecret x Khemos Excellence) - 1990 Black Anglo-Arab - Bred by DWA - CM SM by ~*ME*~ - Lines to Secretariat ฎ, Bold Ruler ฎ, Somethingroyal ฎ, Buckpasser ฎ, Khemosabi+++ ฎ, Ferseyn ฎ, Fadjur ฎ (Half - Arabian) FFC: 1992 - Standing at DWA courtesy of Jessica Wiens

Sweet Victory – (SGS Winning Streak x Sweet Josephine) – 1997 Bay – Bred by Shady Grove Stables – CM Unknown – Lines to Quandrangle [r], Cohos [r], Dancers Image [r], Cryptoclearance [r], and Tap Day [r] FFC: 1999

Racing The Wynd – ( BBRS Wind Racer x Lady Hawk) – 1997 Chestnut – Bred by Rancho del Caballo Guerro – OF SM – Lines to Cowboy Comet [r], Comet Kat [r], Imperial Falcon [r], Northern Dancer [r], Nearctic [r], Native Dancer [r], Maid Of Flight [r], Count Fleet [r], and Man O’War [r] FFC: 1999

Unbridled Alydar – (Midnight Arrow x Miss Roxanna) – 1995 Black – Bred by Sweetbrooke Ranch – OF MM – Lines to Seattle Slew [r], Alydar [r], Secretariat [r], Slew The Bride [r], Nasrullah Lady [r], and Danzig [r] FFC: 1997

Silver Seattle – (I’ll Be There x Silver Lady) – 1995 Dapple Grey – Bred by Cool Creek Stables – BSO – Lines to Seattle Slew [r], Northern Dancer [r], Bold Reasoning [r], Nearctic [r], Danzig [r], Northern Dancer [r] FFC: 1997

GCS Spooker – (Salem x China Doll) – 1996 Chestnut – Bred by BS Ranch – BSO – Lines to Turn-To [r], Boldnesian [r], Secretariat [r], Les Preludes [r], and French Silk [r] FFC: 1998

Kommand The Play – (Kommander x Play The Game) – 1986 Chestnut – Bred by Double Hart Ranch – OF #90 – Lines to Slew The Bride [r], Seattle Slew [r], Bold Reasoning [r], *Nasrullah [r], Nearco [r], Nasrullah Lady [r], Bold Ruler [r], Secretariat [r], Les Preludes [r], and Somethingroyal [r] FFC: 1988

Seattlesboldsecret – (Professional Jealousy x Lorelei Lee) – 1988 Black – Bred by double B Farms – OF MM – *Grandson of Secretariat [r]* Seattlesboldsecret's pedigree is jam packed from top to bottom with amazing Thoroughbreds! All bloodlines available upon request. FFC: 1990

Irish Warrior - (Time For War x Irish Red Fox) - 1992 Chestnut - Bred by Tara Farms - OF #47 - Lines to Bold Ruler [r], Whirlaway [r], and War Admiral [r] FFC: 1994


Derby Runner – (Run For The Money x Pride Of The Derby) – 1988 Dapple Grey – Bred by Tara Farms – OF SM – Lines to Storm Bird [r], and Gold Digger [r] Open 1990 - '00

Secret Scandal – (Secretariats Memo x Northern Scandal) – 1992 Chestnut – Bred by Tara Farms – OF SM – Lines to Secretariat [r], Northern Dancer [r], Nearctic [r], Native Dancer [r], Somethingroyal [r], and Bold Ruler [r] Open 1994 - '00

Secret Native Gold – (Secretariats Memo x Native Gold) – 1992 PALOMINO – Bred by Tara Farms – OF BRS – Lines to Secretariat [r], Bold Ruler [r], Somethingroyal [r] Open 1994 - '00

Troubled Cougar – (Nightwind Cougar x Troubled Halo) – 1993 Black – Bred by Rocking M Ranch – OF MM – Lines to Cougar II [r], Riverman [r], Riva Ridge [r], *Turn-To [r], *Nasrullah [r], Hail To Reason [r], Halo [r], and Promised Land [r] Open 1995 - '00

Unbridled Majik – (Mysticaly x Genuine Ali) – 1995 Bay – Bred by Ber Ali Farm – BSO – *Granddaughter of Unbridled [r]* Lines to Alysheba [r], Alydar [r], Raise A Native [r], Mystical Mirror [r], Genuine Risk [r] Open 1997 - '00

Raspberry Martini – (KS Buckmaster x KS’s Raspberry Winter) – 1988 Black – Bred by Knightmare Stables - OF BRS – Lines to Raise A Native [r], Buckpasser [r] *Homozygous Black* Open 1990 - '00

Roxy’s Secret Way – (Secretariat’s Glory x Miss Roxanna) – 1992 Grey – Bred by Sweetbrooke Ranch – OF #820 – Lines to Raise A Native [r], Secretariat [r], Hope For All [r], Buckpasser [r], Arctic Dancer [r], Slew The Bride [r] Open 1994 - '00

GCS Lotsa Spark – (Essex x Pleasant Parlo) – 1996 Red Roan – Bred by Cool Creek Stables – BSO – *Granddaugher of Secretariat [r]* Lines to Bold Ruler [r], Somethingroyal [r], Princequillo [r], Nasrullah [r], Native Dancer [r]. *Foals are usually roanish in color* Open 1998 - '00

Breezin Back – (Boldly Breeze x Tapioca) – 1993 Chestnut – Bred by Misty Acres – OF SM – Lines to Danzig [r], Northern Dancer [r], Secretariat [r], Barachois [r] Open 1995