DWA's Standardbred Herd

    Here they are, my little harness racers. :)
  1. 18 character and 4 word limit
  2. Names of outstanding horses may not be repeated nor may they be used a prefix or suffix unless the name is part of sire or dam’s name
  3. No prefix/suffix such as Junior, etc.
  4. No roman numerals
  5. I am steadfast with these rules, but I am somewhat flexible with the character and word limit. *grin*

~*NEW*~ Kolaag - (Greek Assassin x Charcoal Laag) - 1996 Red Roan - Bred by Rancho del Caballo Guerro - OF SM - Lines posted later. FFC: 1998

Heartbreaker – (The Real McCoy x Fancy) – 1990 Golden Bay – Bred by Double B Farms – CM SM - Lines to Albatross [r], Meadow Skipper [r], Missle Toe [r], Bret Hanover [r] and Rose Bowl [r] FFC: 1992

GCS Erik Ruok – (Ice Breaker x Native Dawn) – 1997 Light Grey – Bred by Cool Creek Stables – BSO – Lines to Nihilator [r], Niatross [r], and Nevel Pride [r] FFC: 1999

Lexies Fire Jet - (Summit Nitro Jet x Lexington Velvet) - 1990 Dapple Grey - Bred by Tara Farms - OF #940 - Lines to Niatross [r], and Albatross [r] FFC: 1992


Silver Lassie – (U.S.S. Silversides x Brass Lass) – 1993 Chestnut – Bred by October Moon Acres – OF SM – Lines to Bret Hanover [r], Albatross [r], and Noccalula [r] Open 1995 - '00

Velvet Star - (Summit Nitro Jet x Lexington Velvet) - 1986 Bay - Bred by Tara Farms - CM SM - Lines to Niatross [r], and Albatross [r] Open 1988 - '00