DWA's S/D List

Hello, and welcome to Double Wapped Acres' Sire/Dam List. We offer extensively researched pedigree assignment in the following breeds:

    Before going making your requests, please take the time to review my rules. Any time a rule is not followed means automatic rejection of the request. :(

  1. FEES: Email Breedings: Free ~*~ Snail Mail Breedings: 25 (that takes care of the certificates.)

  2. To request a breeding, send the following info: Foal's Name - Sire - Dam - Breed - Age/Year Born - Color - Markings - Make/Mold - Owner Name/Stable Name

  3. No inbreeding (Father/Daughter - Sister/Brother - Mother/Son, etc.)

  4. Please try to follow color genetics. The safest way to do this is to make sure one of the parents is the same color as the foal. Homozygous (meaning they produce only one color) horses will be noted.

  5. Please try to follow the naming rules for certain breeds. Click HERE for more information. If I require the naming rules to be followed, it will be stated on the breed's page. (Most of the time I'm pretty lenient, though.) *grin*

  6. Foals must be 2 years younger than sire and dam. Thanks to advanced embryo transfer, mares can have eight (8) foals per year. Stallions are currently limited to 80 foals per year.

  7. Aging and Non-Aging foals accepted. I prefer aging. If your foal is Non-Aging, I will still assign it a year in my books. BSO horses (horses without a body; aka Paper Horses) are also accepted.

  8. Please use original names, instead of Breyer names or live horses' names.

  9. If your breeding request is refused, you will be notified. I reserve the right to refuse any breeding for any reason.

  10. NO ONE may use my horses without my written permission.

  11. Real horses are denoted by:

  12. If you have your own S/D List, check out the ORPHANAGE, where my currently parentless horses are looking to get some bloodlines.

  13. HAVE FUN!! :)

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