For December 12 - 31

    Quiz #6: Winter Care

    Note: these questions and their answers are based upon snowy, cold winter climate.

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    1. Is it better to blanket your horse? Yes, those snuggie wuggie blankies will keep him toasty warm. No, if you don't clip him, his natural heavy winter hair will be flattened, and he will be colder than he would be without the darn thing.

    2. If you do blanket your horse, when should you start putting light sheets on to keep his winter coat from coming in? July September December August

    3. Why should you pick out your horse's hooves daily during the winter? Because "ice balls" will form in the soles of the horse's hoof, and make it hard for them to keep their balance. Because they get dirty and it can cause thrush. You don't have to. :( because it looks funny if you don't.

    4. If you work your horse into a sweat in the winter months, what piece of equipment do you need?Cooler Hoofpick Polo Wraps Brush

    Now, just send in your answers! Make sure you think they're correct! If you get 3/4 or more, you will receive the award. Email me if you have any questions. :)

    Email Me If You Have Any Questions. Good Luck!