Hi! How are you? I'm doing good, thanks! :) My name is Lisa, and I'm a freshman in high school. Jiminy! Sorry, I don't have any pics to put up, but I think you'll like the graphics better. Everything about me is about horses. Okay, maybe not everything, but 99.9% of everything! *grin*

My life is horses. (As you probably guessed already.) I collect Breyer and Peter Stone model horses, and am involved in Pedigree Assignment. (It's confusing, so I'm not even gonna go there.) Right now I own two horses, a Quarter Horse gelding, and a Pinto filly. Between the two of them, I have my hands full. I also ride an Arabian mare. "Shadie" is a Crabbet Arabian, meaning her ancestors were imported from England. Pretty cool, huh? For those of you who have been reading this regularly, I'm not getting that Appy. :( But that's ok, I have my hands full with Shadie, JR and Jo!

Arabians have always been my first love. Before I was born, my parents owned two Polish Arabs. (My brother had a black Shetland/Welsh pony.) When my mom was pregnant with me, she was taking lessons on her grey mare, "Arrianna". So I can say I was almost born in the saddle. *grin*

In 1995 I began taking lessons at a local hunter/jumper stable. I learned a lot from those years spent there and I loved every minute of it. Christmas 1997 I got the best Christmas present ever - my gelding, JR. I had been riding JR in my jumping lessons, and in spite of the fact that he has mild navicular, I knew he was the one for me. We have a bond that cannot be explained. The day after we got JR, we hauled him over to a local breeding farm just a bit aways.

Each spring/summer at the ranch brings four or five foals. Most are Paints or Pintos, by the ranch's Paint stallion, "Noah". The filly I own is one of his foals, an Arabian cross. One by one the foals are sold to good homes, but there's always a couple that stays for the winter. In the fall these ones go to the Interstate Fair. I usually show one of the foals. This year, however, I am taking back my filly (she won her class last year as a weanling) to see how we do as a yearling. And guess what!! Jo's new name is "Miss Touch The Sky!" She was really scared at the Fair and kept rearing, so we received 2nd place (out of 2) and didn't place in overall. Oh, well, there's always next year!

After our great attempt (ahem) at the Fair, Joey and I have moved on to getting this training thing goin'. So far, so good. I just got her a new burgundy/maroonish colored halter, and she doesn't wear it 24/7 like she did her old one. She's naked now. lol. :)

I was trained as a hunter/jumper rider, and naturally, that is my main focus in my riding. I show my gelding in both English and Western. I show "Shadie" in English. My filly will be broke as an English horse and trained as a jumper, and possibly for a eventer. *Now THAT would be cool!* After completely SWEEPING the Merlin Show (wish more people had been there, I would have come home the preferable rainbow of colors), JR and I have retired to simple winter exercise. We keep the blood flowing and the muscles in shape. Now I REALLY get to concentrate on Miss Joey. And Shadie. Shadie's halter posing is going great! Except for her EARS! She never perks 'em up. Have any tips? Email me, please! I'd really appreciate it!!

Guess what! I'm beginning to unravel the mysteries of repainting model horses! I currently have to my credit (all Breyer Stablemate molds): Chestnut in the Andalusian mold; black in new Arabian mold; Chestnut (portrait of live horse) in Citation mold; aged black Peruvian Paso in old Morgan Mare mold; black Thoroughbred in Silky Sullivan; Steel Grey minimal white tobiano in the new Thoroughbred mold! And the list grows!