DWA's Akhal Teke Herd

    Welcome to my small herd of Akhal Teke horses. Please follow the below guidelines when considering a request.
  1. At this time, I only have buckskin Tekes, but they all have genes for shade variation. This means they can produce from buttermilk to dark buckskins.
  2. Turkmenian names of Akhal-Tekes horses often contain information about their colors: the word Mele means Dun; Kara, Black; Dor, Bay; Al, Chestnut; Ghyr, Grey. The word Kush is often found in Akhal Teke names; It means 'bird'. So Melekush would mean 'dun bird'. *NOTE: This is not a naming requirement - Just FYI.
  3. Thanks for choosing DWA! I hope you find something you like!

Jeroca - (Cactus Summer x Gerona) - 1994 Buckskin - Breyer #490 OF - Bred by October Moon Acres FFC: 1996


Kazul del Ferro - (Lupo Blu del Ferro x Tsornin) - 1996 Buckskin - Breyer #490 OF (double of model) - Bred by Rancho del Caballo Guerro Open 1998 - '00

Noklos Kinara - (Noklos x Kazul del Ferro) - 1998 Buckskin - BSO - Bred by DWA/Iliad Farms Open 2000 and on.

Ferro Kepderi - (Bashlyk x Kepderi) - 1988 Buckskin - CM MM - Bred by Double B Farms Open 1990 - '00