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The Wheel of Colors


The magical foundation for the workings of the Rainbow Bridge involve considering the Wheel of the Year in terms of color. Each color in our wheel relates to a specific place in the wheel or life path. We believe that by considering the lessons of each color as a vibrational energy...we can harness the lessons contained in each to not only help us walk our path...but dance it!


The Rainbow Bridge is dedicated to the idea that when each of us come together in love, united by a common goal and share our ideas, we each will grow and Work will get done!



It is our hope that you will take the lessons contained in these pages and find ways to apply them within your own magical system.


Colors by Season


White - November 1 to Yule


Red - Yule to February 2


Orange - February 2 to March 21


Yellow- March 22 - May 1


Green - May 1 to June 21


Blue - June 21 - August 1


Violet - August 1 - September 21


Indigo Sept. 21 to October 31


Black - October 31 - November 1

Text Box:                  Black / White

Red		Orange	Yellow	Green		Blue	     Violet	Indigo

                                                           Table of Correspondences