The Story of the Week!

The story of the week is chosen as a special honor for the author and story that recieves it, but also as a way to give you, the readers, a jumping off point in choosing what you'd like to read first here! I must say that I feel every story on this site is worth your time and will be a very good read, but I also understand that as the library steadily grows it becomes harder to choose what to spend your time on. Hopefully this will help.
Spotlight for the week of May 6:

And Whether Pigs Have Wings(PG) On the eve of graduation, Hermione and Ron talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax…

Archived Weeks:

April 29: HQoW Year One: The Secret Diary of Hermione GrangerBy Arabella

April 22: It Comes Down To This By Maverick

April 15, 2001: The Loo - Part One, Part Two, Part Three By Honeychurch & Lallybroch

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