The Marauder's Map

Welcome to The Marauder's Map, a basic site map for the Quidditch Pitch where you can find out what each section of the site is about and then decide where to visit first!
The Library is home to all the wonderful fanfiction archived here - found under its "Stacks" section, as well as a "Restricted Section" which houses essays, commentaries, and critiques about happenings in the Harry Potter fan-world.
Platform Nine and Three-Quarters is, what on a more traditional site, might be called a links page. It's where, once you've thoroughly explored the Quidditch Pitch, you'll want to head to find links to some of the other fantastic Harry Potter sites on the web - these are my particular favorites!
The Not-So-Daily Prophet is where I put my not-precisely- regular comments and updates - if I hear about anything news-worthy relating to Harry Potter, this is where you'll find it!
Match of the Month is pretty self-descriptive. Every month (hopefully) I'll write and post a new Quidditch match between two teams mentioned somewhere in either Quidditch Through the Ages or the HP books for your enjoyment - I thought it'd would be a cute idea for a site called, after all, the Quidditch Pitch!
The Trophy Room is where you'll find The Story of the Week (updated weekly when possible) and any awards the Quidditch Pitch has won (if it ever wins any!).
Filch's Office is our site rules and disclaimer - if you've got a question about what you can/can't put in the guestbook, or anywhere else on the site, here you'll find your answer. Also, if you are for some reason laboring under the dilusion that Harry Potter and co. belong to me or that I am the wonderful J.K. Rowling, you might want to go here to be... corrected. :)
Musings of a Muggle is where you can find out everything you never wanted to know about me! Why you'd want to visit? Well, hell if I know, but it's there if you feel the need!
A Few Quick Quotes used to be part of Musings of a Muggle, but then I decided that a quotes section should be open to everyone's submissions and available for interactive enjoyment, so now it is!
Sir Cadogan's Art Gallery is a place to view a some fabulous art by fans just like you! They're all very talented and I'm so proud of them for submitting their work so go look at it!
Flourish and Blotts is the place to go if you want to take a peek at the covers of the Harry Potter books - so far I've only found pictures on the web of the American ones, but if you know where I can get copies of any of the others, please let me know!
The Marauder's Map - well, what can I say? You're here! It's just a brief description of every section of this site so you can find your way 'round just as the Marauder's map aids Harry and many others in sneaking about at Hogwarts!
Sign and View the Guestbook are exactly as they are described - please do sign it while you're here; I want to know what you think!
Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak! is just a few small words of thanks to those who made and continue to make the Quidditch Pitch possible.
S.P.E.W was Hermione's way of opening the eyes of her friends to one of the injustices - one of the causes - in their world. Here, in my own little S.P.E.W., I have put up links to sites for many important causes, all of which *you* can help for free - just by clicking the link!
The Locker Room is where Quidditch teams discuss their tactics, pep talks, and just whatever is on their minds; so, likewise, at our message board you can chat with fellow HP fans and voice your opinions about the site and whatever's on your mind!
Well, that's the Quidditch Pitch in a nutshell - as it stands now. Whenever I add something new, or change something old, I'll add it's little description here. Now go have a look 'round! ~Anne
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