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Disclaimer: I own none of the wonderful Harry Potter characters, places or ideas created by J.K. Rowling- they belong to her, and totally to her, but live in the minds and hearts of fans like you and I everywhere. I own my fanfiction stories, the other stories belong to writers they are credited to- I take no credit for them being as wonderful as they are; I only wish I could. All stories which are posted here are done so with the express permission of the author; if you would like to post them at your website, please email the author (if there isn't an email address, write to me) and ask, do *not* take them without permission. Any songs that are used in the stories belong to the band who sung them and any alternate lyrics belong to the author who wrote them. The Quidditch Pitch and all associated logos are mine, copyright 2000-2001 (please do not use them without my permission, but no profit is being made off any of the aforementioned items, and no infringement is intended.

Site Rules: Guys this is simple- treat everyone else who comes to his site with respect; whether they are a contributing author, someone you encountered in the guestbook, or on the message board. They have as much right to be here as anyone. I'm not trying to prohibit you from expressing your opinions- I'd never do that- I just ask that you do it such a way that is polite and refrains from using blatant profanity; remember there may be younger visitors reading what you type! With that said, the site is meant to be fun for everyone and the rule is there only to ensure that that happens! Have fun and enjoy the site!
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