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Author Profile- I suppose at one point everybody called me "Ashley". Then something happened. The big bang hit and *SHEBANG*! I was THE geek! So now I've donned the appelation "Shadow Dragon" and have written several WEIRD fanfics. If you wish to contact me (I doubt you would, but it's only polite), I'll be at Also, I'm on AOL IM at "Shadow Fighter 7." Have a nice day...if you can after reading my fics...
The Best Of Luck (G) Ron and Harry have a chat in the men's room about a big decision Ron is about to make. *Posted 11-16-00*
Hogwarts Homerun: Chapters 1 and 2 (G) As third years, MWPP have a passion for baseball and when Snape proposes a dual-sport competition - Gryffindor vs. Slytherin they jump at the opportunity - may the best house win! *Posted 1-7-01*

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