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Author Profile: I write stories all the time, but they're not usually good. My fics are probably HORRIBLE to most of you. However, read them if you like. ** If you'd like to contact Robert with a review you can reach him at
When The Moon Glows (PG - PG13) In fifth year Hogwarts holds a Crystal Ball for Christmas and Harry goes with one of his best friends... but could there be more than just friendship there? *Posted 2-19-01*
But I Do Love You(PG) Hermione recieves a letter and she and Ron get in a fight over (who else?) Viktor Krum. *Posted 3-17-01*
In The Garden (PG) During the Emerald Ball (similar to its Yule counter-part) Ron and Hermione have a moment in the garden... *Posted 4-03-01*

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