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Author Profile: A Texan (go Sweetwater All-Stars! ^_~) teenager who likes to fancy herself a writer, and who absolutely adores Harry Potter. It was inevitable that the two would clash. **You can contact Princess Kate with reviews of her stories at
Daddy Dearest(PG) A silly satire in which Gilderoy Lockhart finds himself with the fate of the entire free world resting on his shoulders. Oh, dear. *Posted 4-11-01*
By the Light of the Silvery Moon(PG) Another take on a night that's been written about a billion and one times. MWPP - Lily accompanys James (against his will) to the Whomping Willow one fateful night. *Posted 4-11-01*
Echoes(PG) Ever had one of those nights where you toss and turn and just can't sleep? Lily has - but her reasons might be a little different than yours... *Posted 4-11-01*
And Whether Pigs Have Wings(PG) On the eve of graduation, Hermione and Ron talk of shoes and ships and sealing wax… *Posted 4-11-01*
The Healing Properties of a Sandwich(G) A lovely little contemplative fic from Ginny's point of view - who knew, she has hidden talents in sandwich making! *Posted 4-11-01*
In Which Hermione Drives Herself Insane...(PG)...and finds that it's not all that bad, provided you have the right company... *Posted 4-11-01*
Me, Myself, and I(G)Harry remembers how he came to meet his best friends, and, untimately, fill a part of himself. *Posted 4-11-01*
She's More(PG)James considers Lily - not the girl he was expecting, but more. *Posted 4-11-01*
Of Nonsensical Christmas Tête-à-Têtes(G) Sirius is given a rhyming dictionary for Christmas and James puts a new spin Dickens' A Christmas Carol - a truly MWPP Christmas Eve... *Posted 4-11-01*
Hard Rain Don't Last(PG13) A seventh year dance in a world fraught with turmoil brings relevations to more than one of our favorite characters. *Posted 4-16-01*
Of Birds and Chipmunks...(PG) In Harry's fifth year Sirius is confronted with the most difficult task of Godfatherhood of all - the Talk... *Posted 4-16-01*
Stepping On Cracks(G) As a seven year old child Ron Weasley wanted nothing more than to run off and live in the exciting Muggle world of accountants - but what changed his mind? *Posted 4-16-01*
Of Love, Fools, and Little Orange Monsters...(PG) We've all tried it - and undoubtedly failed. Setting up your friends is just not a good idea - it's in every 'get through your teenage years alive' handbook there is. Well, apparently Ron and Hermione haven't read those handbooks and the fruits of their labors for poor Harry yield some very interesting results... *Posted 4-16-01*

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