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Author Profile- I live in London. I enjoy writing Harry Potter stories (usually with a hint of R/H) and have a sister who does brilliant HP art. **If you'd like to contact Mrs Weasley to tell her what you thought of her stories, then you can contact her at
Later, Soon, Now Three internal monologues during the summer post-GOF - whose thoughts are they? (No prizes for guessing!) *Posted 2-07-01*
My Friend Ron (G) Harry uses his new found talent for writing to describe his closest friend. Harry's POV. *Posted 10-23-00*
Sixth Year Showdowns (PG) In his sixth year, Harry faces problems and danger; but his biggest problem is that his two best friends aren't getting on together... with Ginny and Sirius' help, can he save their relationship and possibly find love of his own? *Posted 11-2-00*
The Gift (PG) Professor Trelawney makes another prediction... will Harry heed her advice? This takes place in the first semester of Harry and co.'s 7th year. A follow up to Sixth Year Showdowns - takes place during the first half of 7th year. *Posted 1-10-01*
The Siren And The Spy (PG) During the second semester of Harry's seventh year a new teacher comes to teach music tutorials. A follow-up to The Gift - takes place during the second half of 7th year. *Posted 1-12-01*
No More (PG) Two years after Hogwarts and the final battle with Voldemort, tragedy strikes the Weasley family. Will life ever be the same? (Prequel to The Best Man) *Posted 1-15-01*
The Best Man (PG13) Eight years after Hogwarts, and six years after No More Ron and Hermione have been estranged since Bill's death, but they must meet again at Harry's wedding... *Posted 1-15-01*
The Best Man 2: The Search For Snape (PG13 - R) Two months after The Best Man Hermione and Ron are just rebuilding their friendship and Harry and Ginny are settling into married life - but will someone ruin everything? *Posted 1-15-01*

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