Meagan's Stories

Author Profile: We don't know much about Meagan, or "Agent Mouthy Canuck" but sources say that the Canuck has been spotted sitting at her computer, cackling madly as she types and staying awake until four a.m. reading Dickens. Rumour has it that she hangs out in the office in a sleeping bag, staring glumly at the computer screen until an idea hits her and she leaps three feet in the air, shouts "EUREKA!" and starts writing at 1500 words per hour. Zounds! **If you'd like to contact Meagan to review her stories you can do so at
Banning The Books!: The Story of Abigail Williams (G) A book-banner pays a visit to the Hogwarts of the Marauders, but the visit isn't *strictly* voluntary...*Posted 11-17-00*
Life Lessons I Timing Is Everything (G) The first in a fabulous set about individual pranks the Maruaders execute (or try to) while at school. A must read for every MWPP fan out there! *Posted 1-7-01*

Life Lesson II Arithmancy Atrocities (PG) The next prank... have you ever had a teacher who you just wanted to drive out of your school? Someone who just *has* to leave - you don't care where to? The Marauders have! *Posted 1-7-01*

Life Lesson III Happy Halloween! (G) When Snape picks on Peter, the Marauders must retaliate with a plan that involves paranoia, a carnival, and a dragon's toenail... Never a good combination!*Posted 1-7-01*

Good-Bye (PG) As Meagan herself said: Let me put it this way; Got Kleenex? *Posted 1-10-01*
Anne (PG13) An auto-biography of Neville's mum in the form of a very touching letter. (You might want some tissues for this one, too.) Note: This has been nominated for a Golden Toad Award! *Posted 1-10-01*

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