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Author Profile- Lizzy is my name, and fanfic is my game! I love Harry Potter, J.K.R. is a genius (God bless that talented woman!), her characters are so well written, I can't help but write a few stories about them myself. Anyhoo, like all writers, I have an incredible inflated ego and like to hear praise for all my work (j/k I'm not that concited. But I do appreciate feedback! E-mail me! I don't bite!). Read my stories (uh, please?), and then, Cheers!!! **Lizzy's email address is: if you'd like to contact her with reviews.
Ron Weasley: The Boy Who Lived, Chapters 1 & 2 (PG) We all know that Harry and Ron both envy parts of each other's lives - what would happen if they could switch places? If they could swith lives? *Posted 1-7-01*
Alternate Chapter 27 (PG-PG13) Lizzy's *alternate* version of chapter 27 of Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire - Harry takes a new approach to Snape's obnoxiousness. *Posted 1-19-01*

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