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Author Profile: I've been writing HP fanfiction since June 2000. On my own websites I'm Kim, but I chose the pen-name Starlight when I started on Strangely enough, most of my fics seem to be taking place in other countries ... I find it interesting, looking up the folklore of those places and adapting it to JKR's Magical World. Well, hope you like my fics - feedback is always welcome! Email me at

Harry Potter and the Mirror's Gift: Part I(PG13) In Harry's fifth year at Hogwarts Professor Lupin and Dumbledore travel to Kamchatka, Russia to investigate something odd and Harry gets taken along for the ride... *Posted 3-17-01*

Harry Potter and the Mirror's Gift: Part II(PG13) Jeanne is back at Hogwarts with Harry and Lupin and a few new additions to the usual crew, but has she changed? The conclusion to HP and the Mirror's Gift. *Posted 3-23-01*

Harry Potter and the Jade Dragon: Part I(PG) Harry, Ron, Hermione, and others are selected to participate in a four month exchange program with a Chinese Magical Academy. This is the first two months - when they travel to China... Sequel to Harry Potter and the Mirror's Gift. *Posted 4-15-01*

Harry Potter and the Jade Dragon: Part II(PG13) Harry and co. have returned to Hogwarts for only a day when the Tian-Long crew shows up. And in replacement of Malfoy, Crabbe, and Goyle the whole of their year in Gryffindor takes up the challenge of the exchange program with enthusiasm. The conclusion to the Mirror's Gift/Jade Dragon series. *Posted 4-16-01*

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