Honeychurch & Lallybroch's stories

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The Loo: Part I (PG) Ginny and Moaning Myrtle are having an enthralling discussion in Myrtle's stall when they are interrupted by an incident in the bathroom outside... *Posted 1-31-01*
The Loo: Part II (PG) Long after Ron and Hermione have taken their business elsewhere, Ginny remains in Myrtle's stall, finding out some interesting information about another fight... *Posted 1-31-01*
The Loo: Part III (PG) In her quest to save Ron and Hermione (mostly Hermione) from utter humiliation, Ginny is forced into a very awkward situation. *Posted 1-31-01*
Aquae Sulis(PG) A four part series about Ron, Hermione, ancient Roman baths, unshowered teenage boys, infatuated chess pieces, a stone gorgon head, and an attempt at a proxy spell. *Posted 4-29-01*
* The Unknown Want(PG) Part I - Back in the days of Voldemort's first rising, the world was in constent conflict, and Remus Lupin was no different. SLASH - consider yourself warned. *Posted 4-29-01*

* The Unknown Want(R) Part II - Sirius and Natalia have various fallings out, Remus and Sirius have various other fallings out (poor Sirius, eh?) and end up getting drunk together... SLASH. *Posted 6-22-01*

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