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Author Profile- My name's Hallie, and I live in Kent, in England. I'm one of five siblings - myself, three sisters and a brother. If my friends were describing me- I don't really want to think about what they'd say. If I was one of my friends and describing me, then I'd say that I'm sensitive, and intelligent (now it sounds like I'm boasting! I hate writing these things!) I enjoy writing stories, and I seem to have a particularly fertile imagination. I enjoy most things, although I hate violence. My aims in life? To be a musician, to have some of my stories published, and to be rich and famous. Well, I can dream, can't I?

**You can contact Hallie with reviews of her stories at hallieu@hotmail.com. She also has a website- "The Marauder's Den", which she designed to help you better understand her stories and characters.

Score All To Us - Nil To Snape (PG13) MWPP and Lily and some of her mischief making friends have an eventful 6th year complete with romance, kidnapping, weddings, and talking hippogriffs! *Posted 11-11-00*
All in the Name of Love: Chapters 1-9 (PG - PG13) The sequel to "Score All to Us - Nil to Snape". The gang is in their last year at Hogwarts and there are more adventures on the horizen... *Posted 11-15-00*
All in the Name of Love: Chapters 10-End (PG-PG13) The rest of the sequel...*Posted 11-16-00*
From This Day Forth: Chapters 1-15 (PG13) The sequel to a sequel! This is about three years after All In the Name of Love... *Posted ?*
From This Day Forth:Chapters 16-20 (PG13) Our favorite Aurors go on a refresher training course and make some new friends- as well as meet up with an old one... *Posted New Year's Day 2001*
From This Day Forth: Chapters 21-25(PG13) The end of the From This Day Forth series in which we find out who attacked Emily and Sirius makes an amusing toast... *Posted 1-10-01*
The Drummer Boy (G - PG) What will happen when you have baby Harry cast as Jesus, a Jospeh with a lisp, a mother Mary on an independent kick, and three very wise women? The best Harry Potter Christmas Pageant you'll ever read, of course! *Posted 4-03-01*
Spiritus Aduro: Chapter One(PG) Charlie Weasley (and his intriguing roommate) recieve an owl from eleven-year-old Ron about a certain Norwegian Ridgeback... *Posted 6-22-01*

Spiritus Aduro: Chapters 2 - 6(PG - PG13) Charlie and Ria get up to all sorts of new hijinks in the next five installments of this tale. We meet many new friends, and Ria's love life takes an interesting turn - begging the question: which Weasley? *Posted 1/1/02*

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